Last Word on Football Episode 8: Bills Mafia and Dream Teams

Bills Mafia

Welcome to Week 8 and Episode 8, the first week this season where the podcast episode and NFL week numbers line up. This week, hosts Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin get together with Daniel Acevedo to watch some Bills Mafia table videos! Ryan and Seth also come up with the dream team of players they watched during their lifetime. And of course, no episode is complete without a nice recap of NFL games.

Episode 8: Bills Mafia and Dream Teams – Last Word on Football Podcast

0:00 – Intro

1:10Aaron Jones scores a touchdown (that fantasy football trade isn’t working out for Ryan)

2:27 – Are the Buffalo Bills PR people watching our podcast?

3:00 – Studs for week 8 (and Ryan screws up his fantasy lineup again)

4:40Drew Brees was ready to go! – As well as the rest of the New Orleans Saints offense

7:10Matt Schaub actually almost helped the Atlanta Falcons win

8:30 – The San Francisco 49ers might help Cam Newton get his job back when he’s healthy

10:13 – The Chicago Bears versus Los Angeles Chargers – a game that came down to whoever had the ball last.

11:53Cooper Kupp had a game, much the chagrin of Seth

12:40 – Will starting both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams pay off for Ryan

13:52 – Seth intros his “Taco Bell Yawn”

14:20 – It’s time for this week’s main event: Ryan and Seth react to Bills Mafia jumping into tables.

14:55 – False alarm – the video is buffering – while it does so. Instead we see what their all time fantasy teams are

16:00 – Ryan’s offensive line versus Seth’s defensive line

21:58 – The crew finally reacts to some Bills Mafia stuff

26:58 – Ryan’s skill position players highlighted by Brett Favre

28:10 – Did someone die in the Bills Mafia videos?

30:45 – They put a baby through a table?!?!?

32:10 – Ryan reminisces about the run-punt play between Maurice Jones-Drew and Derek Carr

35:40 – Ryan’s defensive choices featuring Justin Tuck

40:00 – Seth gets into his offensive dream team

42:17 – Outro

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Huge thanks to Last Word on Sports for the hosting.

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