Cleveland Browns Need To Have A Team Mentality, Not Group

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The Cleveland Browns need to have a team mentality, not a group one. That’s according to head coach Freddie Kitchens. As soon as they have this figured out, the Browns can then reach their full potential. It should’ve already happened.

Cleveland Browns Need To Have A Team, Not Group, Mentality

The Browns have been a group, but they’re not cohesive enough to be a team. Kitchens is adamant they’re 2-4 right now because of this. “Talent” alone isn’t enough to lift the Browns.

Their Opponents Aren’t Even the Problem

The team itself is where the problems lie. They’re almost at the midpoint of the season.  There are fewer and fewer chances for the Browns to pick themselves up and fulfill the expectations had of them just weeks before. Their schedule will ease somewhat, with the New England Patriots being their most difficult game. That will happen after the bye. Kitchens and even the Browns players acknowledge their 2-4 record is nothing to do with opponents and everything to do with themselves.

It’s Time to Be A Team, Not A Group

In an article by Andrew Gribble of, Kitchens distinguished between the Browns as a group and a team. “To be a team, you have to do your job. And then you bring it together collectively, and then you become a team and you trust the guy beside you that is going to do their job. That is how you become a team. Until you get to that point, you are a group. The better team beat our group… hopefully when we go to New England we will be a team.”

Why Did This Loss Hit Harder?

The loss against the Seattle Seahawks was a hard pill to swallow. Not only was it their second loss in a row, but they’d been expected to dominate Seattle. Ironically, many players had described having the best week of practice in the leadup.

Could Individual Goals Be A Problem?

At the suggestion that individual goals would be prioritized over team goals, Kitchens seemed uncertain. But he understands how players’ own goals would ultimately help the team as a whole. “The punter is going to affect the offense and the offense is going to affect the defense, and the defense is going to affect the special teams… you do your job and that puts yourself in a better position to be successful. And in return, it would get the team moving in that same direction.”

They Proved It Once, Can They Repeat It?

When they left the field Week 4 after an emphatic 40-25 win against the Baltimore Ravens, that was a taste of what was meant to happen. Continually. But with these two steps back, the group must become a true team. Jarvis Landry realizes this. “As far as a team and as a group, I think, obviously what these men go through, what we go through, it brings us together in a unique way.”

We may not be willing to admit it, but Kitchens is right. We will hopefully see the Browns make that vital transition. Sooner rather than later.

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