Jalen Ramsey Dilemma for Jacksonville Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey
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The Jalen Ramsey dilemma has begun in Jacksonville. The star cornerback had an altercation with head coach Doug Marrone on Sunday. The two had to be separated by teammates on the sideline in the loss against the Houston Texans. Jacksonville’s season hasn’t started the way they had hoped. Ramsey obviously wants to play elsewhere. Reports came out on Monday that he is requesting a trade. According to reports, the team could trade him this week. 

Jalen Ramsey Dilemma In Jacksonville

Jalen Ramsey’s career as a Jaguar has been nothing but stellar. The coverage he brings to the secondary gives the team a dynamic boost to the defense. However, things have become heated. Now, he wants out. He would be a good fit for many teams. The Jaguars didn’t give him the extension to his contract he was seeking. During training camp, he arrived in a bank truck. Ramsey wanted to get paid. Interestingly enough, the extension still isn’t in place. Defensive lineman Yannick Ngakoue had the same issue. Heading into Thursday night’s match-up against the Titans, Ramsey could potentially be with a different team. That would cause turmoil for an already suffering Jacksonville team. Yes, Ramsey does talk a lot. But, he backs it up with his play on the field. That’s all that matters when he talks. His ability to back up his words makes him a great player. 

Time to Move On?

The frustration with the team has caused Ramsey to seek a new team. As painful as it sounds, this could be the best option for the Jaguars. Though letting go of a talented player will sting, it could be the best interest for both parties. Jalen Ramsey isn’t happy in Jacksonville anymore. So, why not let him walk and find a new team if his heart isn’t with this team? 

One potential trade could be with the Miami Dolphins. NFL fans know what is going on there. Many Dolphins players have asked for trades. Notable Minkah Fitzpatrick. Though Fitzpatrick and Ramsey play different positions, is this something that could work? Jacksonville is asking for a first-round pick for Ramsey. But, what teams are interested? It’s too early to tell at this point. However, something has to change with the Jaguars. Many fans were outraged after the blasphemy of play calling that cost the team a win on Sunday. Jalen Ramsey was one of those people. He’s frustrated with no contract and the losing. The star wants to play for a team that can win. 

Ramsey has put up great numbers during his tenure as a Jacksonville Jaguar. The amplitude of his playing style has made the Jaguars defense fun to watch. Now, the tables have turned. Doug Marrone has to do something different. Getting rid of Ramsey might not be the right answer, but it could help in more ways than one. When a player gets heated with a coach, things are going downhill. For Jalen Ramsey, the only way to get past this might be to find a new team. Though he was loved in Jacksonville, it seems as if it’s time to move on from the star cornerback. It could be for the better.