Let Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Be Himself in Jacksonville

Jalen Ramsey
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It is not often that an athlete comes along and makes an immediate effect on a team. The kind of impact that almost revolutionizes the way the cornerback position is played in the NFL. Jacksonville Jaguars’ fourth-year cornerback Jalen Ramsey is that type of athlete. A generational player that only comes around every so often in the league, who radiates greatness at a position.

The Jaguars front office knew they selected a talented player when they made Ramsey the fifth-overall pick in 2016. However, the front office could not have imagined the transcending influence Ramsey would bring the struggling franchise both on and off the field. One can appreciate Ramsey’s instinctive play and ball-hawking skills on the field. Nevertheless, it is his actions off the field that put a spotlight on this once-forgotten football city. Let Jalen be Jalen. A spotlight is just what Jacksonville, Florida needs in order to emerge from the depths of obscurity. Take the spotlight and never look back.

Let Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Be Himself in Jacksonville

Ramsey Brings Brash to Bold City

During the magical 2017 season for the Jaguars, Ramsey began to develop a reputation around the league. His ability to trash talk on the field became a media conversation piece that he embraced. His performances against All-Pro receivers like Cincinnati’s A.J. Green and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown became recognized by national media. His showboating during the Jaguars’ victory over the Bills in round one of the playoffs was publicized. His on-the-field abilities made the Jacksonville Jaguars newsworthy for the first time in almost a decade. But he did not stop there.

Following the divisional round victory against the Steelers, Ramsey began chirping every time a microphone was around. It did not matter the platform. At pep rallies, locker rooms, GQ articles, and the sidelines, Ramsey was unfiltered and brash. He held nothing back. Over the top at times? Maybe to some. However, it is his actions–like it or not–that has put Jacksonville back on the NFL map. Jalen Ramsey and the Jaguars are a topic now nationally, and the franchise and fans need to be okay with that.

Entertaining the Masses

Last week, Ramsey made a grand entrance into training camp with a subtle message to the front office. His arrival in an armored truck accompanied by a hype man, comedian HaHa Davis, created a buzz both locally and nationally.

As cameras were rolling, the hype man shouted with a megaphone, “(Ramsey) covers so good, he better have his own cell phone service!” He continued, “The man is so good they’re going to give him his own jail, called Jalen County because these receivers are on 24-hour lockdown! If you check his pockets, he has Master Locks in his pockets – they’re on lockdown all season! The man, the myth – Jalen Ramsey!” “It’s time to get this money,” as Ramsey exited the vehicle.

Clearly an attempt by Ramsey to grab the attention of the front office, despite being locked up for the next two years. The theatrics might have fallen on deaf ears at the front office, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

His entrance caused a stir nationally. Some applauding the effort while others criticize. However, Ramsey is not holding out like others around the league that still have contractual agreements. Keep that in mind. He is here to play football for the Jaguars this season.

Last Word: All on Eyes on 20

Ramsey seeks the attention and everything that comes with being in the spotlight. Earlier this week, Ramsey was quoted in Florida Times-Union via John Reid, “I’m serious about my craft. I’m serious about football, of course, but at the same time, I’m going to have fun.” He continues, “I’m going to be an entertainer as well as a football player.”

It’s this type of swagger this team needs to embrace. Maybe Ramsey’s confidence can be contagious among the rest of the roster. A little swag never hurts anyone. Be comfortable with a target on your back and go out and do what you do. It’s good for the team and good for the city of Jacksonville to be relevant.

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