Cleveland Browns Fans Impressed After Hard Knocks, Episode 1

Hard Knocks

The first episode of the new season of Hard Knocks left Cleveland Browns fans, and others, feeling very optimistic about the team’s future. Key coaches and players impressed with their determination and vigor as they face this season.

Cleveland Browns Fans Impressed After First Episode of Hard Knocks

Jarvis Landry and Hue Jackson – The Stars

Jarvis Landry and Hue Jackson were easily the ‘stars’ or as Dan Labbe of called them, “winners of best lead performance”.

Landry wowed the audience with an emphatic, curse-word-filled speech to the wide receivers. He thanked the defensive backs who cover them and the simple but impactful “bless ’em” became the mantra of the episode, and possibly the entire season (judging by the number of times this was mentioned on Twitter!).

Jackson’s multilayered personality was on full display. While his sense of humor was touching, his lecture about players taking days off revealed just how determined and desperate he is for the Browns to have a significant improvement on their dismal history. “Ain’t no stopping us now. I need guys that are all in. (Helmet) stripes will not be given. They will be earned. Think championship. This is going to be the start of something great.”

In a rare show of emotion, it was heart-wrenching to hear him talk about the very recent death of his mother and brother. As Labbe said, “it’s a little unfair that he had to go through that with cameras in all corners of his office.”

Carl Nassib – Comedic Relief?

The team got a lesson in compound interest when Carl Nassib urged his teammates to save money. Dropping a whole lot of f-bombs, he pointed out the significant waste of time spending two hours a day on Instagram really is. Calling out receivers for not practicing with minor injuries and the influence it would have on everyone else was an eye-opening moment. If he has his way, that’s not happening anymore with the Browns. That thought would excite any fan.

Speaking of comedic relief… Baker Mayfield’s RV/clubhouse made an appearance, and he didn’t seem all that interested in learning how to clean the toilet.

Todd Haley – Telling It Like It Is

Todd Haley was very vocal in his displeasure at players having days off during a meeting. It made even Jackson squirm. ‘We need to get so much done … if we live in our fears … our team has to get mentally tougher and be able to fight through the s*** that we gotta fight through. We gotta change this drastically.” And he’s right.

A Few Other Things…

To quell (or perhaps heighten) the speculation, Jackson hinted that Josh Gordon would be around later, telling offensive coaches that he would miss the start of camp. “We’re working through some things…”

Gregg Williams told his players that he wanted to be here so much last year, he turned down seven other job offers.

Jackson once again stated that Mayfield “is the future of this franchise.”

There were plenty of reasons for Browns fans and the public, in general, to be impressed with the attitudes of coaches and players. A better season is almost certainly going to be a reality.

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