New York Jets Quarterback Situation: A Look at Their Options in 2018

New York Jets Quarterback

Heading into the 2018 NFL season, the New York Jets have three choices at quarterback. Those three choices aren’t meant to be confused with the three quarterbacks on the roster, all of which are at very different stages in their respective careers. It has to do with the choices that head coach Todd Bowles and company have and what they think the current state of the franchise is.

A Look at the New York Jets Quarterback Situation in 2018

Door One

Door number one: this is pretty simple and it’s the avenue most people think New York will go down. Since this team is young with potential, the smart thing to do might be to have Josh McCown start the season until rookie quarterback Sam Darnold is ready to play, whenever that may be. This decision is smart because it doesn’t rush Darnold and throw him to the fire before he is ready. It also would give the Jets a chance to win a few games since McCown proved last season he is still capable of doing so. Rookie quarterbacks can sometimes get out to rocky starts. Door number one is the sensible one and where the Jets will most likely go.

Door Two

Door number two: Teddy Bridgewater. The former Vikings quarterback was on track to becoming a pretty decent starter before suffering a very serious knee injury. Since then he has been rehabbing to get back and the Jets have the opportunity to see if he can still be the player he was on track to becoming. This year could be a test for Bridgewater and the Jets could roll with the former Vikings signal caller until Darnold learns how to play in the big leagues. This is an interesting option because it could show Gang Green playing for the future but it could also be them trying to win now, depending on Bridgewater’s degree of success. With an improved skill position group around him, the Jets have given Bridgewater the tools to be successful. Now it is up to his knee to see what he can do.

Door Three

Door number three: Ride or die by Sam Darnold. When New York selected the former USC quarterback with the third overall pick in late April they hoped to finally find an answer to the misery that has been the quarterback position. Darnold has perhaps the highest ceiling of any rookie quarterback and while most quarterbacks sit for at least a few games their rookie year, that doesn’t always happen. This past year Deshaun Watson sat for a half before he was put into the game. Russell Wilson started week one as a rookie. These scenarios do take place and the Jets offensive staff will wait to see how Darnold performs in training camp and the preseason before making a final decision.


Of all of the doors Bowles could go down, the first option is the most likely. The Jets have a young lineup and are in no rush to make a playoff push, as unusual as that might sound. But again, this is the Big Apple and weird things happen, especially when dealing with player’s knee injuries. Only time will tell.

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