The Tom Brady Saga Is Pointless

Tom Brady Saga

Everybody needs to calm down. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are just fine. Brady has yet to show up to the Patriots OTAs this off-season. This has thrown members of the media and fans into a major frenzy. Brady’s absence from the team activities is not a major deal, and the team will be just fine when Week One comes around.

People Are Overreacting to the Tom Brady Saga

Robert Kraft’s Comments Carry Meaning

This week Patriots owner Robert Kraft has made comments regarding the absence of Brady from non-mandatory off-season OTAs. Kraft said that things are normal and the communication between the two camps are great. Reports have said that Brady and Rob Gronkowski were at the TB12 Center near Gillette Stadium participating in their own workouts and that Brady has been preparing for the season including during his trips to other nations. This shows that Brady is still involved and working with a teammate in preparation for the 2018 NFL Season. Kraft has also stated that Brady’s absence has not been a distraction or the team. Brady will be prepared and will be the same player that we have been accustomed to seeing since 2000. The G.O.A.T. isn’t causing any problems and the Patriots will be just fine in 2018 according to Kraft’s statements.

The Patriots Are Still Doing Things as Normal Without Him

The Patriots have conducted business as usual since the start of the 2018 off-season. The team has continued their preparation for a sixth Super Bowl by conducting rookie minicamps and with voluntary OTAs. In Brady’s absence, Brian Hoyer and rookie Danny Etling have been filling in a quarterback. This has given these two quarterbacks more reps in case of an emergency situation later in the season. According to Hoyer, the team hasn’t missed a beat without Brady. Also, he stated that the absence of Brady has not been a distraction for the Patriots at all so far. The Patriots will be fine and will be a well-oiled machine by the time Tom Brady returns to New England.

Brady Has Been Working With Alex Guerrero

Report shave shown that Brady has been continuing his partnership with Alex Guerrero. Sources have said that Brady has been putting in work with Guerrero in all areas during voluntary off-season OTAs. Brady is showing that even though he is away, he’s still committed to keeping himself in shape for the upcoming football season. The work that he puts in will continue to show that Brady will be the same player he has been for his entire career with the Patriots.

Brady Has Missed OTAs Before

This is not the first occasion in which Brady has missed voluntary OTAs. Brady did not participate in the practices from 2008 through 2010. In 2008, he missed them and ended up tearing his ACL in a freak play against the Kansas City Chiefs. During 2009 he was recovering from the torn ACL and led the Patriots to another AFC East championship. Last, in 2010 a healthy Brady skipped them and he led the team to a 14-2 record. This isn’t his first rodeo in skipping, and the media seems to forget that when mentioning 2018.

Overall, the New England Patriots are the same team regardless of what is going on. Tom Brady skipping OTAs has no effect on the current state of the franchise. This is just another hoopla from others trying to stir up the drama in New England. When the Houston Texans take the field in Week One, expect Brady and company to be as sharp as ever before.

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