Aaron Rodgers is the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time

The term “G.O.A.T.” has been given to many players over many years. It stands for “Greatest Of All Time”. Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady are just a few names that have been thrown out there in the “G.O.A.T.” discussion. Many people don’t really consider Aaron Rodgers to be in the discussion of greatest quarterback of all-time; those people are wrong.

Aaron Rodgers is the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time

So, what really makes a player the greatest of all-time? Fans of Peyton Manning would tell you that stats make him the greatest of all-time. Fans of Tom Brady and Joe Montana would tell you that Superbowl rings make them the greatest of all-time. Fans of Brett Favre would say that Favre was the most exciting player of all-time. Basically, there isn’t a lone stat, play, or win that makes a player the greatest of all-time.

When determining the greatest of all-time, I look for these five criteria.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Talent
  3. Wins
  4. Leadership
  5. Clutch Play

Aaron Rodgers is strong in every category on this list.

Elite Categories


Aaron Rodgers has a touchdown to interception ratio of more than 4-1. The next closest player is Tom Brady, who holds a 3-1 ratio. When it comes to efficiency in the NFL, Rodgers is second to none.


When you flip on a Green Bay Packers game, you will immediately notice the talent of Aaron Rodgers. He can make plays when his receivers are covered and his line is breaking down. He has great pocket awareness, and can make plays with his feet. Rodgers can make all the throws from almost any body angle and displays elite accuracy. The talent of Aaron Rodgers is undeniable.

Clutch Play

Some will ask how I can put Rodgers in the elite category of clutch play. He has had some bad games in the playoffs and he doesn’t have the number of comeback wins as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but he has a remarkable knack of finding the big play when his team needs it. He has put up some of his greatest games in the playoffs, and made some of the most memorable plays when the game was on the line. Take the 2015 game against the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs, for instance. Rodgers was playing with fourth and fifth string receivers and found a way to complete two Hail Marys to force overtime. The team ultimately lost the game in overtime, but the Packers offense never even got a chance to play. Another example of Rodgers being elite in the clutch can be seen in the 2016 season. The Packers rallied to win six games in a row to make the playoffs, and Rodgers shined throughout the run.

Great Categories


Rodgers doesn’t quite have the same win total of some of the other great quarterbacks, yet. Rodgers is going into his 13th season with the Packers, but only his 10th year as a starter. He has plenty of time to notch win totals that rival some of the other great quarterbacks.

So-So Categories


When one thinks of a great leader, they usually think of a player like Ray Lewis, who gives motivational speeches during games, and shows his passion vocally. Rodgers has been known to be more of a quiet leader. He leads with his play and preparation more than he does with giving any pump up speeches. He isn’t a rah-rah type player, and that is okay. Rodgers isn’t a bad leader, but he just isn’t that type of player.

Overall, Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of all-time. At his current pace, he will come close to all the passing records, despite sitting on the bench for three years. He is the most exciting quarterback in the NFL to watch and by far the most efficient. If the Packers can assemble something close to a good NFL defense, Rodgers will win a couple more rings and cement his name in NFL history.


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