Randy Gregory Suspended

According to his family, Randy Gregory parted ways with his agent after first serving two suspensions under the NFL substance abuse policy totaling 14 games and only playing in the final two regular season games for the Dallas Cowboys before he is set to face another suspension for an additional violation.

It was thought this parting with his agent might delay the suspension hearing, set for Tuesday, but it appears it will go ahead as scheduled. He’ll likely serve a one-year suspension for yet another violation.

There is some question over whether Randy Gregory’s performance in the last two games even warrants him being a part of the 45 man roster in the postseason anyway, ahead of Jack Crawford or maybe Demarcus Lawrence.

Arguments in favor include his speed, which was much improved against the Eagles as he appeared to get back in the groove of playing a little more, and even his tackling. To add fuel to the fire, he got his first career sack despite being cut block at the beginning of the play.

Arguments against including his tendency to rely on his speed a bit too much and over-pursue, and his lack of playing time. Still, Gregory plays with enthusiasm, speed, and power.

Still, his performance against the Eagles certainly made him more desirable as an option. If he’s eligible, Randy Gregory will probably play a role on the Dallas defensive line in the divisional playoffs, but that seems like a long shot. Any ruling in favor of the suspension in the next 10 days would make that impossible.

As to what happens after that year is over, it’s hard to say. Gregory may end up being one of those players that despite his potential on the field, no one wants to touch because he can’t keep his personal life under control.

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