The Best Season for Each NHL Team

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Last Word On Hockey brings you our Best Season for Each NHL Team Series.  To arrive at our selections, we looked at the season’s impact, the success on and off the ice as a result, as well as each team’s accomplishments. This, of course, includes post-season results. Join us for a look back at some of the most memorable moments in each franchise’s history.

Click on each team name to see their “Best Season” article. 

NHL Team “Best Season” Series

Anaheim Ducks 2006-07 Season by Brian Donnelly
Arizona Coyotes 2011-12 Season by Chuck Purzner
Boston Bruins 1971-72 Season by Tyger Allen
Buffalo Sabres 1974-75 Season by Gabriel Foley
Calgary Flames 1988-89 Season by Connor LaPalme
Carolina Hurricanes 2005-06 Season by Noah Crisoli
Chicago Blackhawks 2009-10 Season by Bryan Oakley
Colorado Avalanche 2000-01 Season by Robert MacDonald
Columbus Blue Jackets 2016-17 Season by Andrew Allison
Dallas Stars 1998-99 Season by Gabriel Foley
Detroit Red Wings 1951-52 Season by Dan Mount
Edmonton Oilers 1983-84 Season by Connor LaPalme
Florida Panthers 1995-96 Season by Michael Mohorovich
Los Angeles Kings 2013-14 Season by Ariel Melendez
Minnesota Wild 2002-03 Season by Dan Mount
Montreal Canadiens 1976-77 Season by Colton Osmond
Nashville Predators 2016-17 Season by Dan Mount
New Jersey Devils 1999-2000 Season by Gabriel Foley
New York Islanders 1980-81 Season by Daniel Brown
New York Rangers 1993-94 Season by Johanna Albertson
Ottawa Senators 2002-03 Season by Brandon Wright
Philadelphia Flyers 1974-75 Season by Connor Lapalme
Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-93 Season by Hunter Hodies
St. Louis Blues 1968-69 Season by Melanie Rau
San Jose Sharks 2015-16 Season by Andrew Allison
Tampa Bay Lightning 2003-04 Season by Gabriel Foley
Toronto Maple Leafs 1950-51 Season by Christian Holmes
Vancouver Canucks 2010-11 Season by Oscar Elieff
Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 Season by Armand Klisivitch
Washington Capitals 2017-18 Season by Toni Inglis
Winnipeg Jets 2017-18 Season by Dan Mount

Franchise Best Main Photo:

LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 07: The Washington Capitals pose for a photo with the Stanley Cup after their team’s 4-3 win over the Vegas Golden Knights in Game Five of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final at T-Mobile Arena on June 7, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett for Getty Images Sport)