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Gabriel Landeskog Gives Update on Future of His Playing Career

The Colorado Avalanche captain had a press conference today and tried to give an update, as vague as possible on when he would be back. It probably wasn’t intentional, but maybe he just thought everyone knows the timeline. Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche has long been recovering from his knee injury. He said that he “mentally felt close”, and that the physical stuff seems to be progressing as planned. Just because the audience wants something, doesn’t mean that Landeskog can heal from this injury any longer than it takes him. It seems like he is getting the knee stronger. Also, adjusting to the new technique is what he had to develop to changing his skating stride.

Gabriel Landeskog Spoke Today at a Press Conference

Gabriel Landeskog hasn’t played an NHL game since winning the Stanley Cup. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the game that secured the Avalanche their franchises first Stanley Cup triumph in 21 years, was the last one he played. It was fitting that Landeskog said that to open the press conference with the playoffs currently underway, that everyone around was laughing at, was that it wasn’t to announce he was retiring. This press conference seemed a mental thing as much as anything, to talk it out with the media, just to give the update of when he would be back playing again. It never did come, but he suggested that it is progressing as desired.

A Look at His Statistics and What He Means to the Club

Landeskog is an 11-year veteran of the NHL and was drafted by the Avalanche back in 2011 as the second overall pick. He has had a tremendously productive career thus far. He has 248 goals and 323 assists. Moreover, he is a nine-time 20-goal scorer. He plays a very complete game and averages 19:25 a game throughout his career. The Avalanche cannot wait for him to come back. Today’s update was good news because it definitely wasn’t bad news. And he seems to be on the path to recovery and playing once again in an NHL lineup.

This Gabriel Landeskog press conference came at a good time. With the Avalanche just having been eliminated in the previous round of the playoffs to the Dallas Stars, it was evident his presence in the lineup is missed. The Avalanche really seem to lack depth, and coast by on top-end talent alone. Not a good recipe for the playoff party.

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