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Candidates To Become The Chicago Blackhawks captain in 2024

With the Chicago Blackhawks having had a vacant captain role since 2023, let’s look at some names who could fill the role in the 2024 season. The Hawks have obviously been spoiled at captain with Jonathan Toews holding the role since 2008. This is the first time in over a decade the Hawks need to fill the role. The Hawks need to solidify the captain role this season with a cast of young players on the way. Let’s look at some names who could fill the role next season.

Potential Candidates To Be The Next Blackhawks Captain

Nick Foligno

Nick Foligno is an obvious candidate for the captain role. Foligno took on the role as the Blackhawks unofficial captain last season. Foligno took on the role of leader in the Hawks locker room last season, being a mentor to young players like Connor Bedard. He is also the only player on the current roster who has served as a captain in the past. Foligno has quickly become a fan favourite in Chicago, so nobody would be upset if he fills the role.  Even if Foligno doesn’t wear the “C” for the hawks next season, he will continue to be a good leader in a young locker room.

Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard was rumoured to be in the mix for the role in 2023 before the Blackhawks opted for no captain. Bedard is a candidate for the job following his stellar rookie campaign. Even though Bedard will only be 19 years old when the 2024-2025 season begins, this is still a possibility. Bedard overall talent and ability to garner attention could make him the top candidate to become captain. Considering that the Hawks named Toews captain after his rookie year, it’s not out of the realm of possibility Bedard becomes captain at a young age.

Seth Jones

Seth Jones is the next Blackhawks captain candidate. Even though many Blackhawks fans have mixed opinions on Jones and his performance the pest few seasons, his leadership can’t be understated. Jones has been an alternate captain the past few seasons and will be with the team for the foreseeable future due to his contract. Jones will be in Chicago for awhile so him being captain is certainly possible.

Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy is the longest tenured member of the Blackhawks. Murphy has been a solid defenseman during his time in Chicago and has gone from a prospect to a leader in the locker room. He is one of the few players who stuck around through the regime change. Murphy sticking around shows a lot about his character. His only downside would be the amount of time he misses due to injury. Other than injury concerns, Murphy would be a solid candidate for the Blackhawks captain role.

It will be interesting how the Kyle Davidson regime will handle the selection of a new captain. Finding someone to follow up Jonathan Toews run as captain will be difficult. It might be enticing to Davidson to hand Bedard the “C” and call it a day. He could also give the role to a veteran leader. Hawks fans can speculate all offseason, all we know is a new captain is on the way soon.

Main Photo: Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports


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