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Zach Hyman: Is 2023-24 an Anomaly or Can He Repeat This Performance?

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Taking an in-depth investigation of Zach Hyman‘s stats, will he repeat his very impressive 50-goal 2023-24 campaign? Or was this season an outlier for him? Let’s take a look into this topic, and also, a look at what lies ahead for Hyman and his Edmonton Oiler teammates as they embark on a run to the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Zach Hyman’s Stats Are Very Stellar

Thus far in 2023-24, Zach Hyman’s stats are outstanding. In 71 games played, he has 52 goals, and 20 assists, for 72 total points. On Tuesday night against the Winnipeg Jets, he recorded his 200th career NHL goal, which is through nine seasons. Moreover, he has recorded 264 shots on goals this season. This is all the while playing 19:33 of ice time and with an oSZ% of 61.1%. This shows a player that is productive, efficient, and also reliable. Furthermore, he is shooting at a nearly career-best 19.7% (2019-20 it was 19.8%). This is also compared against his career average of 13.8%. He has been quite successful at jamb plays and net drives. It has been quite the complement to Connor McDavid. It is a very underrated ability to be counted on for offence and deliver. He takes a lot of high percentage shot attempts, and is successful at them, making it a very desirable approach.

Recent Career Stats Expected Goals %

Team Year LW C RW Minutes xGoals%
TOR 2019-20 HYMAN MATTHEWS MARNER 376.3 55.8
TOR 2020-21 HYMAN MATTHEWS MARNER 291.6 65.6
EDM 2022-23 HYMAN DRAISAITL McDAVID 300.3 61.5

As shown in the table above, Hyman has been quite successful in an offensive role for some time. He is no stranger to playing with top linemates. Given the trajectory of his annual xGoals% consistency, there is no reason to believe he will not maintain an elite level for two to three years. Now when it comes to defining what he will maintain, focus on the variable xGoals% and likely his point total specifically (not that absurd goal total). The reason being is his unreal nearly 20% shooting percentage. 

For Hyman, perhaps he doesn’t throw as many hits as the casual observer might assume. In fact, he hasn’t been above 77 in the past five seasons. But then again, he has been too busy keeping up with the offensive juggernauts he is so accustomed to flanking. Additionally, he has an amazing 16.8 CF% Rel this year. Whereas, throughout his career, he has been 1.2. At his age, he should be able to maintain this type of pace. He should be able to maintain focus and succeed on offence, helping to prolong his effectiveness.

What Does This Mean for the Oilers 2024 Stanley Cup Run?

Of course, the ultimate judge is whether the Oilers hoist Lord Stanley’s Holy Grail in 2024. Hyman’s 2023-24 season will be more historically significant if he ends up with a Stanley Cup. It is just inevitable.

One more determining factor on Hyman’s influence and impact on the game is his power play results. Interestingly enough, Hyman never played much on the power play in Toronto. This year he has 229.7 (McDavid only has 234.6) minutes of power play ice time total. Conversely, in his last year in Toronto, he only had 65. That season, 2019-20, he ended up with 43 games played, 15 goals, and 115 shots on net. Therefore, he is shooting much more, given more opportunity, and very importantly, being extremely precise.

So all things being considered equal, Zach Hyman is in the midst of an excellent season. This will help fuel the offence for the Oilers in the upcoming 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also, based on consistency and ice time, there is no reason to believe his productivity isn’t sustainable for the two to three-year time span.

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