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Corey Perry to Have His Contract Terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Kyle Davidson announced Tuesday that Corey Perry was placed on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract. Davidson had a press conference today to report the decision and give some details. He made clear that it was not involving any players or their families. However, he did mention that he was unable to provide any details about the reason. His explanation was this was an internal investigation, and as a result, this decision was made.

Corey Perry Placed on Waivers to Have His Contract Terminated

38-year-old Corey Perry had signed in the off-season on a one-year deal. He is a 19-year veteran of the NHL. This is an unfortunate situation, and hopefully, anyone impacted gets the help they need. It is unclear at this point if the league will be involved, or if he will be available for other teams to sign. Via Sportsnet, they were told that a spokesman for the NHLPA said, “We are reviewing the matter.” It is known that the player’s union can file a grievance within 60 days of Perry’s contract being terminated if they deem suitable. In addition, Davidson did say they were in contact with the NHL and NHLPA to inform them.

GM Kyle Davidson Taking Decisive Action

Perry had been removed from the lineup of a game last week. Today the decision was made official to place him on waivers. Kyle Davidson was adamant that the team takes anything like this very seriously and it was proven by their actions. Furthermore, he had a very serious tone in his voice. Davidson is quoted in his press conference as saying: “The organization is committed to a culture of accountability and upholding our values across our employees and players both on and off the ice.” Davidson and the Blackhawks would like to move forward from the situation, whatever the specifics might be, and focus on hockey. It appears they have done their part, in performing an investigation, taking action, and notifying the necessary parties. 

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