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Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins: A Big Game for Both Teams

Today the Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins is a great test for both teams. It’s a big game for the Eastern Conference and the Atlantic Division since Boston and Detroit are 1 and 2 respectively in the conference and their division. A Detroit loss could knock them down a position or two in the standings. At the same time, a Boston loss could leave Detroit with the potential to take the lead in the East.

The game is set to be a big one, both teams have a lot to win or lose. Also seeing how these teams are succeeding in opposing ways from each other. It will for sure be a contest of who is better at their game and could be an early season preview of the race for the best in the East or even looking at a prospective playoff match. It is wild to be saying that about the Detroit Red Wings, but we are here. So how are these teams winning and what could winning or losing this game mean?

Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins were the scariest team last season. They finished with a record-breaking 65 wins and 135 points. This wasn’t a team that was supposed to do as well as they did. This certainly wasn’t a superstar team, their core and stars were aging and most thought their glory days were behind them. As history would have it they would go on to be the winningest team in NHL history and lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Florida Panthers. This season so far they seem to be heading in that same direction. Right now sitting 6-0-1 through seven games and is yet to be beaten in regulation.

A Bruins Win vs the Red Wings Would Mean

It is an incredible feat of course no matter who you are playing to win like that. However, their opponents haven’t been the most difficult. Their opponents in their seven games have averaged 25th in standings, only seven spots away from dead last in the league. Detroit will be their first opponent sitting inside the top 10 of the league and if they are going to make a statement that the Bruins haven’t lost a step knocking down the second-place team in their conference would be a good way too.

How is Boston Winning?

The Boston Bruins have been beating their opponents through good goaltending and defense. Currently, they sit atop the league in fewest goals against with only 11 allowed in their seven games along with a monstrous .946 team save percentage. Their defence has been key as they are one of the teams with the fewest xGA, entering today’s game with 21.01 which is third in the league. Put simply they aren’t allowing many good opportunities and their goaltenders have been shutting down the few that are getting through.

Detroit Red Wings

For the Detroit Red Wings, this is a big game and they have been put between a rock and a hard place. Coming in on a two-game losing streak after winning five straight, they are certainly looking to turn it around. However, the Bruins are the best team in the East so it will be a hard matchup to turn it around in.

A Red Wings Win vs the Bruins Would Mean

Still similar to the Boston Bruins, Detroit has had a lot of success early on and people are wondering how long they will be able to keep it up or if it was all just a fluke similar to the Ottawa Senators who have disappeared after losing to Detroit last weekend. Beating the best team in the East and tying for the early lead in the Conference will make a statement that they are here and ready to make some noise.

How is Detroit Winning?

The Detroit Red Wings opposite of the Boston Bruins win off their excellent offense and powerplay. Currently, they sit atop the NHL in scoring with 35 goals in their eight games and have a powerplay percentage that is second in the league with a 38.7 conversion rate. Also opposite to their opponents, they are one of the best teams in xGF sitting at 5th in the league with 25.94.

Also in their two losses they have been creating more scoring chances than before, just not converting on those chances as much. That is a good thing! People knew their conversion would drop since they would score six goals while posting a 2.62 xGF in the game. Their last game had their highest xGF rate of the season aside from the home opener against Tampa Bay. (3.72 vs Winnipeg, 4.31 vs Tampa Bay) The Boston Bruins will be a good test as they will be a tough team defensively that aside from the Tampa Bay Lightning, and maybe the Ottawa Senators, the Detroit Red Wings haven’t played much against this season.


This will be a game of great offense vs great defense. Predicting the game with logic, looking at history and how well these teams have done so far this season. It would be a Bruins win (4-2). Knowing the game of hockey, and what the teams are probably feeling/going through. The prediction is Red Wings win (4-3). Boston has won on defense and has yet to play a strong explosive offense. Their closest were the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. One of which gave them their only loss this season so far and is also placed 26th in the league. Detroit has gone against strong defenses before when they were hot and put up a lot of goals, this will be quite the opposite going into today’s game.

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