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The PWHL Announces the Hiring of All the League’s Six GMs

The new women’s hockey league the PWHL and its six franchises have announced each of their respective GMs today.

There is more big news for the newest women’s hockey league Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) teams as the six of them announced their respective general managers. Monday the news trickled down the pipeline of the creation of the new six-team league, and today the teams make these individual hiring announcements. The names are as follows Boston is Danielle Marmer, Minnesota is Natalie Darwitz, New York is Pascal Daoust, Montreal is Daniele Sauvageau, Toronto is Gina Kingsbury, and Ottawa is Michael Hirshfeld. The league even went on to set up its draft lottery.

Who Are the GMs That the PWHL Have Hired?

Each of the names is very well connected. For instance, Danielle Marmer has been in player development for some time. Most recently, she was working with the Boston Bruins and before that Quinnipiac University. Natalie Darwitz was a great female hockey player throughout her career. In fact, captaining Team USA at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She had been the associate head coach at the University of Minnesota for the past two campaigns. Furthermore, Pascal Daoust is moving from the QMJHL, where he has been the General Manager of the Val-d’Or Foreurs since 2016. Sauvageau was a long-time coach under the Team Canada women’s program. She is credited with the creation of the women’s hockey program at the University of Montreal. Gina Kingsbury is a powerful name in the hockey community. In the past, she served as vice president of hockey operations at Hockey Canada. Finally, Michael Hirshfeld was a director within the NHL community, with the Coaches’ Association.

What Does This Mean for the PWHL?

This is great news for the PWHL in naming these GMs. With names like Darwitz or Kingsbury, they are bringing in former players, who have moved up the ranks since their off-ice careers have ended. Moreover, they also have names that have strong connections within the NHL community, such as Hirshfeld or Marmer. It seems that everyone is committed to making sure this league is a success. Hiring these types of names will only help to solidify that is fact.

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