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The Ownership Race Of The Ottawa Senators

As the 2023-24 NHL season approaches, the question every Senators fan asking is, “Who will win the ownership race of the Ottawa Senators?”

The Ottawa Senators, a team that has faced a playoff drought since 2017 and has struggled to reach the 90-point mark in a single season since their memorable 2016-17 campaign, have suddenly become the center of attention.

The Pursuit of Ownership: A Thrilling Race for the Ottawa Senators

Although Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who was initially rumoured to be interested in purchasing the team alongside The Remington Group, has reportedly withdrawn from the running, the ownership race remains star-studded. American rapper Snoop Dogg and Canadian singer/songwriter The Weeknd are among the prominent figures vying to take ownership of the Senators. The anticipation surrounding the winning bid is palpable, with expectations that it will exceed an astonishing $1 billion.

What Happened To Ryan Renoylds Ownership Bid?

In a recent update, it has been confirmed that Ryan Reynolds, the A-list actor, will not be pursuing NHL ownership at this time. According to ESPN’s Emily Kaplan, the bid led by Reynolds and his group will not be moving forward.

In 2020, stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made news when they bought the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC. They were motivated to take on this unexpected project because they wanted to help the team and the neighbourhood. Reynolds and McElhenney made it clear right away that they had big intentions to revitalize the club and draw more attention to Wrexham. The two accomplished this by making a sports documentary titled: Welcome To Wrexham.

Someone like Reynolds taking ownership of the Senators would bring the team notoriety, which should be nearly priceless for the league. Of course, the same holds true if Snoop Dogg’s or The Weeknd’s organizations are successful in their effort to buy the Senators. We may anticipate more celebrities following in the footsteps of Reynolds and McElhenney in the years to come as they seem to have set the bar high for what can be accomplished when you invest in a professional sports team.


Is Snoop Dogg Winning The Ownership Race?

With the inclusion of Snoop Dogg as a member of a consortium managed by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks, the ownership bid for the Ottawa Senators has taken an exciting turn. This collaboration between a well-known rapper and a well-known businessperson shows that they both have an interest in buying the Senators.

Snoop Dogg, a rapper and businessman from Los Angeles, entered the ownership sweepstakes a little later than Ryan Reynolds, but he has a history of hockey love, usually rooting for the Anaheim Ducks. He is now focusing his attention north of the border, where he hopes to spread awareness of the sport among young people from similar backgrounds. If he is successful, Snoop Dogg will follow in the footsteps of basketball great Michael Jordan and become only the second Black majority owner in North American sports.

Snoop Dogg’s diverse business ventures extend far beyond his rap career. In addition to his successful acting pursuits, he serves as the chairman of Priority Records and has delved into several cannabis-focused enterprises. His entrepreneurial endeavours also span the realms of restaurants and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), reflecting his versatility and ability to explore various industries.


The Dark Horse

While businessman Michael Andlauer may not have the same level of name recognition as some of the other high-profile contenders, he is gaining momentum as a potential owner of the Ottawa Senators. What sets him apart is his established presence in the hockey world and his existing connections within the NHL.

Andlauer has significant expertise and acquaintance with the inner workings of the league as the owner of the Hamilton Bulldogs of the Ontario Hockey League and a minority owner of the Montreal Canadiens. He may have an advantage over more well-known individuals like Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, and the aforementioned Ryan Reynolds in what some see as a popularity contest due to his long-standing connections with the NHL and its board of governors.

Even while Andlauer’s name might not be as alluring, the betting odds for his bid are much more alluring. Bettor’s search for a potentially lucrative wager may find the “boring” choice interesting due to the much greater odds compared to the public figures.

Charting a New Course

In the ever-evolving ownership race of the Ottawa Senators, the landscape has seen twists, turns, and the emergence of intriguing contenders. While Ryan Reynolds, initially a front-runner, has stepped back from his bid, the field remains vibrant with the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Michael Andlauer, and more vying for ownership. Each potential owner brings a unique set of qualities and experiences, promising fresh perspectives and opportunities for the franchise.

As the race unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain, but what is certain is the immense potential for revitalization and growth that a new owner can bring. Ottawa Senators fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of the team’s future owner, knowing that their choice will shape the direction of the franchise and its connection with the community.

Main Photo: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports



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