Arizona Coyotes Minority Owner Arrested on Misdemeanor Charges

Andrew Barroway Arrested

Andrew Barroway, the minority owner of the Arizona Coyotes, was arrested by Aspen, Colorado police at around 9:35 p.m. He spent Thursday night in a Pitkin County Jail, according to police reports.

Barroway reportedly committed these crimes in a confrontation with his wife. This has resulted in court orders distancing himself from his wife alongside these charges.

Coyotes Minority Owner Andrew Barroway Arrested on Thursday Night

Andrew Barroway is currently being held at a 2,500 dollar bond for felony strangulation charges and misdemeanour third-degree assault charges.  He currently holds a five percent stake in the team. While a seemingly small involvement in the club, he is the only other staff member listed on the “Ownership” tab on the Coyotes official website. Barroway has the the title of Alternate Governor of the club indicates a more significant role. However, he has been involved with the Coyotes franchise for nearly a decade. This was from 2014-2019, when Barroway was the majority owner of the club. Unfortunately for the Public Relations of the NHL, this incident only contributes to the strain they have already faced in the previous weeks which includes multiple players opting out of Pride events.

Impact on the Coyotes

Both the Coyotes Public Relations and NHL Public Relations released statements on the incident. The only significant immediate impact being a suspension levied on Barroway.

A hidden, but frightening consequence of this incident for the Coyotes and its fanbase may tie back to an important clause in the arena deal between the franchise and Arizona State University at Mullett Arena.  Considering the role of Barroway in the Coyotes franchise, ASU could possible consider this a breach of their “good behavior” clause contractually agreed to that could result in devastating repercussions for an already battered franchise.  For now, however, the team will have to fend off renewed criticism.

Note: Details on the incident are still incomplete.

Main photo by: David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports