NHL Rumours: Inconsistency Has Calgary Flames Trade Deadline Plans Up in the Air

Welcome back to NHL Rumours. Every day, we look at the latest happenings around the league. With the trade deadline quickly approaching, there is a lot to discuss. Today, we look at how the Calgary Flames Trade Deadline will be impacted because of their inconsistent play.

Calgary Flames Trade Deadline Undecided

TSN’s Salim Valji joined SportsCentre with Jay Onrait to discuss the Calgary Flames trade deadline. During the hit, Valji mentioned that Flames General Manager Brad Treliving hasn’t decided on what he wants to do when it comes to the Calgary Flames trade deadline. That is completely because the Flames still are unsure of what they are as a team.

Coming out of the NHL’s All-Star break, the Flames currently sit fifth in their division with a record of 24-17-9. They are three points behind fourth and amazingly just six points off of first place. The Pacific is an extremely tight race this year, which may lead fans to believe that is all the more reason to go all-in.

However, the Flames inconsistent play has left the team a little uneasy about that idea. Yes, it would make sense that adding should only help this team in defending its division title. But what if they are just not that good this year? The last thing they will want to do is spend large assets just to miss playoffs or lose in round one.

Time is Ticking

Overall, it seems unlikely the Flames would consider themselves out of any kind of race. But maybe their approach is the smaller fish instead of the big one. Last season, they acquired Tyler Toffoli in a huge splash move. Maybe this year they look to add to the depth of the team instead.

With how much Calgary has invested in this current core, it seems very unlikely they would think to sell. However, it is very clear that if the team doesn’t show some more promising play in February, they likely shouldn’t expect a wave of reinforcements to join them.

The good news for Treliving and co. is that there is still time until the deadline. Using all of February to determine the path forward seems like the most likely outcome. And then we will see what is in store for the Calgary Flames trade deadline.

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