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Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Matt Murray Injury Update

The Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Matt Murray will need to be re-evaluated for an injury. Sheldon Keefe announced that more tests need to be done to understand the extent of an ankle injury. Therefore, the Leafs will rely on Ilya Samsonov for the time being. This follows up reports that even though he was on the bench last night against the Ottawa Senators, had Samsonov gotten hurt, an EBUG would have been used.

Leaf Goalie Matt Murray Will be Re-examined

The Toronto Maple Leafs goalie is having a resurgence season after coming over from Ottawa Senators. This season he has an 11-5-2 record with a .911 SV% and a 2.73 GAA. In contrast, last year, he struggled with Ottawa, sporting a 5-12-2 record. Furthermore, his GSAA has jumped from -0.5 last year, to 3.0 this season. He had made up one half of a formidable goalie tandem this year for the Leafs. Murray is looking more like the goalie who helped the Pittsburgh Penguins win back-to-back cups in 2016 and 2017. If he can maintain his form throughout this season, this will give the Maple Leafs confidence in the playoffs. Having two component goalies come late April makes all the difference.

What this means for the Maple Leafs

With the Matt Murray injury, The Toronto Maple Leafs will have to go with Ilya Samsonov on a full-time basis for the short term. That is okay for the time being given his impressive numbers this season. Samsonov has a very respectable 16-5-2 along with a .916 SV%. Moreover, as long as Murray’s injury is not long-term, Samsonov should be fine to cover the load. This is aided by the benefit of the all-star break. After the Leafs game against the Boston Bruins on February 1st, they do not play again until the 10th (against the Columbus Blue Jackets). As an additional note, Joseph Woll was seen flying out of Winning today, so will likely be coming to back-up.

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