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2023 World Junior Predictions December 28th: Canada vs Germany

2023 World Junior

Welcome to our 2023 World Junior Championship predictions. We’ll take an in-depth look at each game taking place in the Canadian Maritimes. These looks will happen for each game until the gold-medal game. We’ll try to give you information on the upcoming matchup. We take a look at the Group A matchup between Team Germany and Team Canada. Be sure to check out the other games for today.

2023 World Junior Championship Predictions

Canada Vs Germany

Canada and Germany both started the tournament off 0-1, however, they did so in very different ways. Canada was upset by Team Czechia, losing 5-2. Canada was really let down by goaltending in their loss. Team Germany, however, had a completely different experience in their loss. As the team that was supposed to lose to Sweden, they made the game really close. Team Germany only lost 1-0, and their goaltending is what kept them alive. A stark contrast to Canada’s game.

Team Canada

Team Canada’s group of forwards is, as per usual, very dangerous. Even though they only clicked for two goals against Team Czechia, they were still able to generate lots of chances, taking 38 shots. With a team that includes Shane Wright, Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, and many more, the offensive threats are numerous. They also have strong blueliners, with names like Brandt Clarke and Olen Zellweger. The real question after the last game comes in goal.

Players to Watch

Goaltending is the question going into Game 2 for Team Canada. It’s unlikely that Team Canada goes with Benjamin Gaudreau in back-to-back games, especially after his game against Team Czechia. All eyes will be on Thomas Milic this game. Milic has actually had the stronger season thus far in the WHL, posting an 11-2-1 record with a 0.919 save percentage. This is a stark contrast to Gaudreau, who is 9-8-3 with a 0.868 in the OHL.

A player to watch for Canada will, as always, be Connor Bedard. The top prospect for the 2023 NHL entry draft always seems to put on a show. His talent is undeniable, and at this point, it’s just an opportunity to showcase that even further. He was one of Canada’s two goal scorers last game and is always a threat on the ice.

Team Germany

Team Germany made their 2023 World Junior debut game against Team Sweden much closer than anyone thought. Losing only 1-0, goaltender Nikita Quapp really stood on his head. He made 43 of 44 saves to keep Germany in this game. Team Germany struggles with offences, having a lacklustre forward group in comparison to other teams this tournament. The German team will need to work together to have a chance of breaking through Canada’s group. If the goaltending remains shaky for Canada, as it was last game, they may have a chance.

Players to Watch

Germany’s goaltending will be the focus of tonight’s game. If Quapp returns in goal, he needs another strong performance to give Germany a shot at winning. He will be bombarded with shots from Canada’s elite players. He seems to be Germany’s win condition in games like these. Quapp can keep the team close, even with their lacking offences. It’s an unlikely outcome, but there is a world where Germany pulls off an upset here.


Canada defeats Germany 4-1

While Germany had a strong showing in their first game, and Canada was disappointing, it still is a lopsided matchup. Germany must overcome a number of hurdles if they want a chance. Even if they have a non-zero chance of winning, it’d be a lie to say they were the favourites.


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