Team Canada Wins Women’s World Gold Medal Game

Women's Worlds Gold Medal Game

As the 2022 IIHF Women’s Worlds Championship came to an end, the final matchup wasn’t really a surprise to anyone. Once again, the Women’s Worlds Gold medal game was Team Canada vs Team USA competing to claim the title. The reigning champions were avid to get their first back-to-back championships for the first time since 2004 but the Americans didn’t want to take silver back home once again. This had everything to be a great game – and it was.

Women’s Worlds Gold Medal Game End with a Team Canada Win

As expected, the rivals Canada and United States gave a show worth an award to hockey fans all over the world. The highly skilled teams played with everything they had and it was, as always, super entertaining to watch.

First period: Balanced But Slow

Games between these two teams are incredibly balanced and always start with a lot of pressure from both sides. Today was a slow start, with only seven shots on goal total but that’s because both teams were incredible defensively. The first two power plays of the game went to Canada and the Americans were able to limit their chances and keep the score down to zero. The penalty kill was well planned, aggressive and physical, which helped keep Canada empty-handed.

The game started balanced with both teams playing well both defence and offensively. This is a rivalry game and both teams know each other’s tricks and style which makes it a hard, skilled matchup. Even with key pieces missing from both teams, it’s still Team Canada vs Team USA.

Second Period: Goal Shower Is Opened

The puck dropped for the second period and this would go on to be very different from the first. Canada was on fire and wanted to take control of the game. They started applying a lot more pressure and spending more time inside the offensive zone. Team USA goaltender Nicole Hensley had to work extra hours to keep this game tied at nothing.

However, the Canadiens would find a way to put it past Hensley – and they did. Brianne Jenner, the Olympics MVP, opened the score with a beautiful goal to get things started for the reigning champions. And that was only the beginning. Jenner found the back of the net once again on the power play, briefly after her first goal. It was also her 100th point in the Women’s Worlds Championship, a huge mark for the 31-year-old.

Following the back-to-back goals, Team USA gets their first power play of the game. Throughout the tournament, the Americans stood tall with the numeric advantage, ranking first in the power play. But, the Canadians have no trouble killing it and keeping their lead. At least on the first power play. As the period was expiring, Canada was once again sent to the penalty box and Abby Roque found her way to score and cut the Canadian lead in half.

Third Period: The Quest for the Gold

With the start of the third period, the Americans were on their toes to tie and try to win this game – and they applied a lot of pressure to do so. It was Ann-Renee Desbiens’s time to shine and deliver. The Canadian goaltender made some huge saves to keep her team with the advantage and oh, did she shine! She was on the top of her game and keeping the puck out of the net, making the US chances thinner by the minute.

Despite all the efforts by Team USA and all the power plays, Desbiens came stronger. Even with the empty net, the Americans were unable to tie the game and for the first time in 18 years, Canada is your back-to-back world champion!

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