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Next Steps For NHL As Adidas Ends Contract To Produce Jerseys

NHL Jersey contract

The NHL has a major decision to make soon, as the league announced that Adidas will not renew their deal to exclusively produce NHL jerseys. With the deal ending in the 2023 -2024 season, Adidas will produce the jerseys for only two more years before a new company will step in with an all-new system. Those candidates? Although there are some names being tossed around, there are a few that need a closer look, and which one makes the most sense. We look at who could snag the next NHL jersey contract.

Possible Contenders for NHL Jersey Contract

It didn’t take long after the news broke for fans to start speculating about which company would take over. Names like Reebok, Nike, CCM, and many others were thrown about. With this, we decided to go over the top contenders for the role, plus some other known manufacturers out there.


Although Nike hasn’t made NHL jerseys since the 1990’s, they are the producer of jerseys for the majority of the major sports leagues. Notable, the NBA and the MLB both rely on Nike for their jerseys. They also have done a fairly good job with the jerseys used in the International events. Some of this styling from some countries has gotten high praise. Although there is no known ‘system’ in use outside the one they use internationally, Nike could be the most likely company considering the high praise from fans.


Although Nike carries a strong case, CCM is the safest pick for the NHL to make. Their current system, adopted by the AHL and CHL a few years ago, has proven to have worked well with the current design styles that teams are going with. CCM also may just develop a new system entirely for the NHL using what the owner and players want. However, with a system already in place throughout the minor leagues, it makes more than enough sense for the NHL to just adopt it. Although, this is more boring and would require teams to redesign their jerseys (again) in order to fit with the new system.

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Athletic Knit

Athletic Knit may sound like a weird choice. However, they already serve the majority of minor leagues. They have hit a near Grand slam with the ECHL having some of the (arguably) best jersey designs of the minor leagues. This includes their themed jersey nights.

Of course, a new, top of the line system will be developed for the NHL. However, there is a feeling that Athletic Knit could do a lot with the NHL. They have been more creative with the ECHL, which has been gaining the league a lot of attention.

Post- 2024 Changes

Considering that there will be a new system in place, redesigns will happen. Teams look to have their uniforms fit within the new system. There will be teams that tweak their style (New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche, etc), and there are others, like the Washington Capitals, that may completely redesign their jerseys entirely. Most likely towards something more classic. Speaking of classics…

What This Means For Reverse Retro

Of course, this means that there will be no “Reverse Retro“. Now that doesn’t mean the league won’t attempt to revive something similar with the new manufacturer.

Could the name be carried over to the new system? 100%. But, the league will most likely want to change things up. Maybe just make it a classics series, rather than having a new twist on them.

It’s still early, Adidas still fully stopped yet and there hasn’t been a word on who will take over. Although, it is still fun to analyze and speculate.

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