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NHL Rumours: Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings

NHL Rumours

Welcome to the Thursday edition of NHL Rumours! While things were quiet around the trade market last week, things are starting to pick up as action resumes on the ice. However, teams are going to be cautious as they are up against the salary cap. In today’s edition of NHL Rumours, we look at the Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins, and Los Angeles Kings

NHL Rumours

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: On the 32 Thoughts podcast, Elliotte Friedman said that Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland will not move his first-round pick this year just for a rental player. 

Analysis: The Edmonton Oilers have been a topic of conversation this week. As mentioned earlier this week, the Oilers have been tied to Evander Kane. However, that deal is not finished just yet. Earlier in the week, Ken Holland held a press conference and was asked about what he was going to improve the Oilers. While Holland stated, he has made calls to other teams around the league, the market to add a player is not there. Holland mentioned that most teams are up against the salary cap and are not willing to make a move just yet.

Then when asked about the first-round pick, Holland felt it was not wise to move it now, especially since the Oilers are on the outside looking. And he is right. What is a rental player going to do for them right now? The Oilers have a lot of problems in a lot of areas. Mainly stopping the puck. The only Holland will move his first-round pick is to get a player that has multiple years left on his deal. But for now, he is not going to move the pick just to move so the Oilers can win now. Holland believes the solution is in the room or in the AHL. So for now he is holding onto his pick.

Boston Bruins

Rumour: Friedman in his 32 Thoughts article this week wonders if the Boston Bruins will make a move for Max Domi at the deadline. 

Analysis: This is an interesting move for the Bruins to make. Domi would definitely give the Bruins more secondary scoring depth. And considering the Bruins are looking to move Jake DeBrusk, why not swap one for one. It would give both guys a fresh start with new teams. On paper it makes sense and as a hockey trade, it makes sense too. While Domi is off his 72 point pace he set during the 18-19 regular season, he has still been an effective player for the Blue Jackets. Through 24 games, Domi has 18 points. Domi’s current point total would put him sixth in team scoring. Not to mention he has nine more points than DeBrusk.

Again it will be interesting to see if the Bruins would want to make this deal. Domi is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. He currently makes $3.3 million a season. It will be prorated considering how much he has been paid already. And with DeBrusk making $3.675 million, the money would be a wash if the Bruins decided to trade DeBrusk for Domi one for one. Again it makes sense on paper.

Los Angeles Kings

Rumour: Dave Pagnotta and Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period reported the Los Angeles Kings are looking to be buyers at the trade deadline and could add Jakob Chychrun. 

Analysis: It is no surprise the Kings are looking to be buyers at the deadline as they are in a playoff position at the moment. And with Rob Blake signing a new extension to remain general manager, he will want to put this team over the edge to make a deep run. Can they that is a different story. However, one player being linked to the Kings is Jakob Chychrun. While the Kings are up against the salary cap, they could use a defenceman like this. What team wouldn’t? Chychrun is a two-way defenceman that provides offence that is a shutdown defenceman. Those are hard to find. He immediately makes the Kings defence better.

But would that cost the Kings?

We know the Arizona Coyotes are looking to something similar to what Vegas got for Jack Eichel. So that would be a top-level prospect, a player that can play now, a first-round pick and other draft picks. Right now, that is too rich for some teams, but the Kings could make the trade. Again the money might be an issue, but at three more years at $4.6 million, adding Chychrun is worth the cost. Again the Kings would have to get fancy with the salary cap, but they have the assets to make it work. The question is do the Kings do it. Chychrun is a player to keep an eye on this trade deadline.

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