NHL Announce Further Games Postponed Due to Continued Restrictions

NHL postponements
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Today the NHL postponements affected three cross-border matchups. These three regular-season games were postponed due to COVID-19 crowd restrictions.

NHL Postponements Announced

The reasoning continues to be justified by “COVID-related issues”. Primarily by the continuing Canadian crowd restrictions during this unprecedented time and also the added precaution as further players continue to travel and test positive over the last few days.

The current list of postponed games for next week are as follows:

Monday 10th

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Montreal Canadians 

Minnesota Wild @ Winnipeg Jets

Tuesday 11th

New York Islanders @ Calgary Flames

Wednesday 12th

Boston Bruins @ Canadians

Wild @ Edmonton Oilers

Friday 14th

Vegas Golden Knights @ Oilers

Saturday 15th

New Jersey Devils@ Canadians

Golden Knights @ Flames

Sunday 16th

Oilers @ Jets

Monday 17th

Devils @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Tuesday 18th

Detriot Red Wings @ Philadelphia Flyers

BlueJackets@ Islanders

Chicago Blackhawks @ Oilers

Moving Forward with the Season

With the epidemic here to stay long-term, it is unlikely the NHL will postpone the season at this stage. Time is on the league’s side to continue to take preventative measures like this to ensure players, staff, and fans are safe. However, from a team perspective, it is obvious that the Canadian teams will likely suffer the most from this rescheduling. But games will eventually catch up to bring it back into balance if no further large outbreaks follow. Although as a result of this unpredictable era, look for these postponements to be the norm for at least the next few weeks if not months. The teams can easily move players back and forth from their affiliate teams if needed.

These NHL postponements are likely not going to be the last we see this season. However, the league is doing its best to keep as many games on schedule as possible. As the season wears on, keeping the playoffs on track will become vitally important.

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