Report: UFA Petr Mrazek Signs With Toronto Maple Leafs

Petr Mrazek Signs

According to reports, unrestricted free agent goaltender Petr Mrazek signs a three-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs worth $11.4 million. The contract carries a salary-cap hit of $3.8 million.


Petr Mrazek Signs Contract With  Maple Leafs

Mrazek is a free agent goaltender that just finished an abbreviated year with the Carolina Hurricanes. He only played 12 games but won half of them and gained at least a point in nine. He ended the year with an excellent .923 save percentage and a 2.06 goals-against average. His unfortunate injury opened up a spot for rookie sensation Alex Nedeljkovic to come in and take the reins. Over his entire NHL career, he has notched a .911 save percentage and an unusually high 2.59 goals against average. According to Evolving-Hockey‘s goals saved above expected (GSAx) model, Mrazek has accrued an excellent 10.31. Not only are his box score numbers great, but his analytics say the same things. 

Before his time with Carolina, he played one season with the Philadelphia Flyers, and Mrazek spent the rest of his career with the Detroit Red Wings. His season with the Flyers was not his best, but he found a formula that worked with the Hurricanes and profited because of it.

We did see Mrazek get some time in the NHL playoffs after some rough outings from Nedeljkovic. In his first game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, he posted a .946 save percentage and allowed only two goals. However, he had an extremely rough second appearance, where six pucks from a varying amount of Tampa players went past him in the net. He wasn’t taken out either, which made it even harder for a goalie who was just starting to get his confidence back. 

What Can We Expect From Mrazek?

Any team that signed him would reap the rewards of being willing to spend the money. Although he was hurt for most of the year, Mrazek still proved that he could produce quality goaltending and has shown that he can do it in other, more healthy seasons. Mrazek’s consistency with Carolina showcased the kind of goaltender he could be if given the right opportunities. He’s a steady presence in the net that is positionally sound and ready for almost any shot that comes his way. Of course, there are anomaly plays, but it’s not often one can find him misplaying the puck in and around the net. 

Overall, his body of work has been excellent, and he’s got more in the tank at 29-years-old. Barring any injuries, the upcoming season should be the same as the majority of his others. He’s a reliable goaltender, which is what teams are always looking to add.

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