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Report: Carey Price Injury Complicates Expansion Draft

Carey Price; NHL Rumours

According to several reports goaltender, Carey Price could miss significant time next season due to hip and knee surgery. The Montreal Canadiens exposed Price to the Seattle Expansion Draft after he waived his no-move clause.


Goaltender Carey Price Could Miss Time Next Season

Carey Price was a big reason why the Canadiens went to the Stanley Cup Final this season. Though he did not have his best series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, he saved his best until the final two games of the series. If the initial reports are true, that Price played with a hip injury throughout the playoffs, that is a remarkable feat for sure. Price was the reason why the Canadiens got to the Stanley Cup Final. And if the Canadiens had won the Stanley Cup, he most certainly would have won the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP.

In the shortened 56-game season, Price only played in 22 games for the Canadiens. He missed time this season due to a concussion but was back in time for the playoffs. And like last year, he performed well in the playoffs after having time off. In those 22 games, Price recorded 2.64 goals against average and a .901 save percentage. These were subpar Carey Price numbers. However, in 22 playoff games with the Canadiens, he recorded a 2.28 goals-against average and .924 save percentage. Much more like Carey Price. Not to mention all the highlight-reel saves he made, which makes this run even more impressive considering the injuries.

What Does This Mean Going Forward

This is a surprising turn of events for the current goaltender of the Montreal Canadiens. Price initially waived his no-move clause to be exposed on Saturday evening so he could be left unprotected. This was confirmed Sunday when the Canadiens in fact protected Jake Allen instead of Price. This was a big risk by Montreal as they wanted to keep their duo together. There was a chance Seattle was going to take Price as he is from British Columbia and it is close to the area. Not to mention he has shown he still has game left in his body. However, this complicates things even more.

Granted, Price comes with a $10.5 million salary-cap hit and his no-move clause comes attached so Seattle can’t trade him and eat half the salary. But to have a player like this unprotected probably enticed general manager Ron Francis enough to take a shot at him. Just look what Marc-Andre Fleury did for the Vegas Golden Knights in his first year. However, Price has a long injury history and has missed significant time over the past couple of seasons. Most likely the Kraken were not going to take him anyway, but there was always a possibility. Not this complicates the waters, no pun intended, as to whether or not they look elsewhere for a goalie.

And if they do not take Price, that means the Canadiens will have Shea Weber and Carey Price missing significant time next season. That will be tough for a team looking to get back to the playoffs in a much tougher division than the North this upcoming season.

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