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The Last Word on Hockey Show: Stanley Cup Final Preview

Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

The semifinals are complete and only two teams remain as the Stanley Cup Final is right around the corner. The Last Word on Hockey Show was back on the MAD Radio Network. Your hostĀ Jim Biringer from was back alongside Marc Weiss and Ron Grossman. Ron was filling in for Coach Jay, who was on assignment this week. After some live remote episodes, the boys were back in studio previewing the Stanley Cup Final between the Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning. Besides the preview, they look back on how these teams got to this point and much more.

The Last Word on Hockey Show: Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

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Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

The 2021 Stanley Cup Final is set with the Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning. Jim welcomes everyone to the show looking at how both teams got to this point. Marc talks about how he was a believer in this from the start. They bring in Ron Grossman to discuss what changes the Canadiens made to get to this point in the playoffs. They all post to Cole Caufield coming into the lineup. Grossman says that the line of Tyler Toffoli, Nick Suzuki, and Caufield has been very effective in the playoffs. Ron also talks about the play of Carey Price and how he has never seen him play like this ever. The closest was in 2014.

Marc notes the Canadiens have put the team in front of him to be successful. They were the better team against the Vegas Golden Knights. That series could have been over in five games if not for the goalie change in Game 4 when Peter DeBoer played Robin Lehner over Marc-Andre Fleury. Lehner played well enough to win Game 4, but was not back in for Game 5, but was there for Game 6. As the boys noted the decision backfired.

The boys then discuss how the Lightning got to back-to-back Stanley Cup Finals. Marc and Jim noted the Islanders looked tired the last couple of games of the series. If it wasn’t for Semyon Varlamov then Game 7 would have been much worse than a 1-0 loss. The champs were the champs for a reason as the boys have been saying all along. They know what it takes to win this time of year after all the heartbreak they went through prior to winning last year. It was a good run by the Islanders and they will be back as Jim notes.

The boys tell everyone to enjoy the Stanley Cup Final because everyone will miss hockey when it is done for the season.


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