Arizona Coyotes Conor Garland Trade Rumours Heating Up

conor garland trade

With the very reasonable contract ($775,000) of Arizona Coyotes forward Conor Garland, it leads to the possibility of a Conor Garland trade. Garland has been nothing short of amazing over the last two seasons. He has accumulated 31 goals and 33 assists in 99 games. His points per game last season came in with a 0.57 mark and he’s improved it to 0.81 this season.

Conor Garland Trade Possibilities Are a Realistic Thing

As evidenced by Elliotte Friedman at, the word is the Coyotes may not want to trade Garland who is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Yet, his success over the last couple of seasons may have the Coyotes’ management at least considering it. Friedman mentioned that the Coyotes are getting calls about Garland and the possibility of moving him. Of course, the Coyotes are very lacking in draft picks. Many teams making a Cup run may consider replenishing the Coyotes’ draft selections. The team lacks scoring and the problem with getting draft picks now is there will be at least two years waiting for the prospects to develop.

The entire article discussing the Garland trade possibility can be seen HERE.

While common sense tells you that the Coyotes could use their high-scoring forward for future seasons, it doesn’t appear that new general manager Bill Armstrong is showing his cards just yet. The trade deadline is April 12th, and he may want to see what kind of offers come in from other teams. It is well known that the Toronto Maple Leafs have expressed their desire to add another forward to their arsenal. Garland would fit in well there… of course, who wouldn’t?

Conor Garland Has Been Manhandled Playing in Arizona

Standing just 5′-10″, 165 pounds Garland has been hit hard and often by opponents. He is one tough hockey player, but at some point, his teammates need to stand up for him. He could be getting weary about getting manhandled constantly. Garland may want to move to a team that can protect him more. Besides the rumours of Toronto perhaps interested in him, he is from Scituate, MA, just down the coast from Boston. He more than likely wouldn’t mind playing for the Boston Bruins if presented the opportunity. It can be fairly well assured that he wouldn’t be manhandled there.

Why Even Consider Trading Garland?

He has become one of the best assets the team possesses. With 11 unrestricted free agents on their roster and taxi squad, the team is primed to continue a rebuild. Anyone who knows anything about the NHL knows you need draft picks, prospects and a mixture of veterans to succeed. In other words, if the Coyotes are considering moving Garland, their return could be something valuable for building the future of the franchise. As previously stated by this writer, if the Maple Leafs wanted to acquire Garland they may need to give up Travis Dermott and possibly Pierre Engvall. Throw in a draft pick (Toronto has their first and second) and Kyle Dubas will look like the hero if the Leafs win the Cup.

The other issue is if the Coyotes are starving for offence why would they trade one of their best offensive players? REBUILD, baby! The team has enough young up-and-coming players such as Clayton Keller, Jakob Chychrun, Lawson Crouse, Christian Dvorak, Nick Schmaltz, and even Barrett Hayton to take them forward. Losing Garland would be painful as he has become a huge fan favourite, but it may be inevitable to get the team to move forward as a contender.

Garland Trade Could Help Elevate His Game Even More

Let’s face it, playing in Arizona isn’t the hockey mecca of the league. If Garland was traded to say Boston or Toronto his excellent play will become even more noticed. He will also be playing with much better players which has to help him become a true NHL star. He will be getting quite an increase even if he stays in Arizona with his increased level of play. So, it could happen, or it may not.

At this point, GM Bill Armstrong is not letting us know what his future plans are for the Coyotes. With the trade deadline quickly approaching, this is his chance to mould the team with his plan he presented when he interviewed for the job. Thus far his hands have been tied with little cap space and practically no draft picks to build a winner. Whether trading Conor Garland is in his plan or not, we will just need to wait and see.

In any case wherever Garland lands you know the team he will play for will be that much better. He’s one heck of a player.

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