Throwing Haymakers Podcast: Outdoor Games, Goodbye Big Zee

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What happens when a Bruins fan faces off against two Maple Leafs fans? Intellectual discussion about all aspects of hockey, of course! Throwing Haymakers is a podcast started by Last Word on Sports writers Brandon Higley-Blair and Josh Erickson, as well as Mat Sheridan. Discussing everything from playoffs to predictions to pretty snipes, Throwing Haymakers provides a fresh, new view on the current state of hockey.

Throwing Haymakers Podcast: Episode 26

The NHL is headed to Lake Tahoe for a pair of games this February. The guys discuss the potential for these games. We also dive into a bunch of last-minute free agent signings, including Zdeno Chara’s departure from Boston.

The Boston Bruins have had an offseason of losses. After losing Torey Krug to the St. Louis Blues (more on them later), they’ve now similarly lost Chara in free agency to the Washington Capitals. The boys break down what hole Chara leaves in Boston’s lineup, and how his invaluable leadership could benefit the Caps.

But the Blues wouldn’t go without mention in this episode either. Brandon, Josh, and Mat break down the salary cap antics performed by signing Mike Hoffman to a PTO. They also look at how Hoffman fits in with the Blues’ forward core, given he chooses to actually sign with the team.

Yet this past week’s most shocking news came not in the form of a free-agent signing. The NHL announced last week that they plan to hold two outdoor games this season at California’s Lake Tahoe. The incredible outdoor spectacle will involve the Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Colorado Avalanche, and Vegas Golden Knights. The boys break down what marketing and financial implications this may have for the league, and talk about just how awesome it will be to see outdoor NHL hockey once again.

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