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Ottawa Senators Player Tests Positive For COVID-19

Ottawa Senators Player

It has been confirmed that an Ottawa Senators player has been tested positive for the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Elliotte Friedman had the original scoop. However, the team then confirmed it. Furthermore, The Athletic is reporting that multiple Senator players have COVID-19 symptoms. Despite the reports, the player has yet to be named.

Ottawa Senators Player Tests Positive

This is the first known case for an NHL player or team staff member. However, given what we know about the virus, it may not be the only one. The symptoms have been reported to be low and not concerning yet. Multiple States and Provinces have urged everyone to stay indoors as much as possible. The league, which has been postponed for now, likely won’t be starting again for a while.

The whole virus needs to be dealt with before sports leagues start back up again, but it is fair to assume that the NHL will take every precaution needed now that it is confirmed someone in their league has it. What exactly this means for the future is uncertain, however, the focus now is getting people tested to ensure they don’t have it. Containing the virus and focusing on wellbeing is much more important than sports leagues at this time. If details about which Ottawa Senators player tested positive comes out, LastWordOnHockey will have it. But for the time being it is important to respect the privacy of whomever it is and their family.

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