NHL Predictions: February 29th Early Games – Including the Boston Bruins vs New York Islanders

NHL Predictions

Here are today’s NHL Predictions. Daily, Last Word on Hockey brings you a prediction and analysis of every game on the schedule. This will also feature a significant game on the schedule that is must-watch hockey. Today’s featured game, in this set of NHL Predictions, is the Boston Bruins vs New York Islanders.

NHL Predictions

Boston Bruins vs New York Islanders

Head-to-Head: Bruins 1 – 1 Islanders

In what has been a tight race for first place in the NHL, the Boston Bruins are fighting hard to stay at the top. The recently acquired forwards Ondrej Kase and Nick Ritchie have provided an additional boost to Boston’s forward group and Ritchie scored his first game in black and gold. This team has been red hot lately and should be all the Islanders can handle. It should be a fairly low scoring contest as two of the best defencive teams in the NHL go head to head.

The New York Islanders have been a huge success under Barry Trotz. He has brought a new level of success to Long Island that has been unseen for some time. Even with John Tavares leaving for Toronto, Trotz has been able to guide this team to success without one of the best players the franchise has ever had. This team also got an offencive boost with the addition of Jean-Gabriel Pageau at the trade deadline, who they also signed to a six-year extension.

Prediction: Bruins win 3-2.

Calgary Flames vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Head-to-Head: Flames 0 – 0 Lightning

In the last 10 games, the Calgary Flames are 6-3-1. If they want to make the playoffs they need to continue to play hard and fast, otherwise, they do not stand a chance. Last year they went into the playoffs with all eyes on them as the top seed in the Pacific Division. This year they will likely be a wild card team and should be somewhat under the radar. This team has some fight in them and should be a tough matchup come playoff time.

The Tampa Bay Lightning’s surge has come to a grinding halt with a four-game losing streak. They remain one of the most talented teams in the NHL but have not been a consistent team this season. They started out the season looking mediocre at best. Then they got hot and won over 20 games in two months. This team can be deadly to anyone they face but it depends on which Tampa you have to play.

Prediction: Lightning win 4-2.

New Jersey Devils vs Los Angeles Kings

Head-to-Head: Devils 1 – 0 Kings

The New Jersey Devils are in the second game of a four-game West Coast road trip. This should be a particularly difficult trip for New Jersey as they just traded away four players at the trade deadline. While this team is set up well for a rebuild now, it will make it all the more difficult for them to find wins in this stretch. Thankfully for Devils fans, they are going to be playing a team that has struggled just as much as they have.

The Los Angeles Kings made a smart move by trading away Tyler Toffoli. The talented forward got a return that included a pair of draft picks, a prospect, and role-player Tim Schaller. They, like the Devils, are looking to the future rather than the now. While they have some high-level talent still on the roster, it isn’t enough to remain competitive amongst the best teams in the NHL. The Devils have a slight edge tonight.

Prediction: Devils win 2-0.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Florida Panthers

Head-to-Head: Blackhawks 0 – 1 Panthers

Robin Lehner’s brief tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks has come to an end. The standout netminder was part of a top-notch goaltending duo with longtime Blackhawk Corey Crawford. Even though Lehner expressed the desire to remain in the Windy City, the front office decided to move on and traded him. Now Malcolm Subban will back up Crawford and Chicago also has additional draft capital to rebuild with.

The Florida Panthers are battling hard to climb up the standings and into a wild card spot. They only sit four points back from the last slot in the Eastern Conference and have plenty of time to catch up. They may find it difficult to get there considering how Sergei Bobrovsky has struggled in his first year as a Panther. But thankfully for them, tonight’s matchup comes against a Blackhawks team that is all but out of contention.

Prediction: Panthers win 3-1.

Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Head-to-Head: Canucks 0 – 1 Maple Leafs

It appears that the Pacific Divison title may wind up belonging to the Vancouver Canucks. While they don’t have the best record over the last 10 games, The addition of Tyler Toffoli has helped tremendously. With Brock Boeser likely out until the playoffs, Toffoli has helped fill the gap left behind. His hot streak has continued as well. In his last game with the Kings, he scored a hat trick and has six points in his four games with Vancouver. Things are looking positive for the Cancuks.

The award for the most confusing team in the NHL goes to the Toronto Maple Leafs. On paper, they should be one of the best in the league with a very impressive group of forwards. Instead, they have been in and out of the playoff picture, and most recently, lost to an emergency backup goalie by the name of David Ayres. By the way, he is on their payroll and sometimes practices with the Toronto Marlies. Don’t look now Leafs fans but the near future does not look too good for this team.

Prediction: Canucks win 5-3.

Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators

Head-to-Head: Red Wings 1 – 2 Senators

Consider this game a fight for Alexis Lafreniere. The Detroit Red Wings are currently the frontrunner for the first overall pick as they sit in last place in the NHL. While it is unlikely anyone will beat them out for the best odds, the Ottawa Senators provide the best opportunity for Detroit to grab another win on a highly disappointing season. Dylan Larkin will be the key if this team is going to win this game since he is nearly all the talent they have left. 

The Senators are the clear favorite in this one as they host the Red Wings. Keep your eyes on Brady Tkachuk as the young star has been fun to watch this season. While this team lacks a strong supporting cast, Tkachuk has provided fans with a reason to be hopeful for what comes in the future. This team is still very much in need of bringing in talented young prospects, but Tkachuk is going to be one of their most talented playmakers for a long time.

Prediction: Senators win 4-1.

That does it for today’s NHL Predictions. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another set of NHL Predictions.

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