Getting Behind the Vancouver Canucks Franchise — Your Team Needs You!

Vancouver Canucks Franchise

Are you a Canucks fan and want to know what you can do to support them even more? Let’s face it; the team needs a boost from somewhere. Finishing mid-division in the Pacific region and the bottom third of the league in the 18/19 season leaves much room for improvement with the Vancouver Canucks Franchise.

Being the only British Columbia NHL team, the Canucks has a golden opportunity to shine and put Vancouver and BC on the hockey map. The Canucks are without a doubt commercially and community-oriented with the Canucks For Kids fund doing some incredible charity work. And, there’s an active link between any hockey team and commerce, not only enriching the local community but also bringing media attention to the enterprise as a whole.

All BC-local businesses and individuals can have an impact on how the Canucks develop and shape. That even includes casinos and other high turnover businesses. The online casino business is blooming all over the world and Canada is no exception. Just take a look at the list of the best casinos in Canada and see for yourself.

If you are a casino-goer, then the taxes that British Columbia casinos pay contribute to the prosperity of the province. Think about this before you decide to cross over into Washington and take on the nightlife of Seattle. Why not stay in your very own Vancouver hub and have fun there instead?

Buy Local

Reigning Champ is a classic example of how you can prioritize a local, equally alluring brand over a global option. With its own cut-and-sew factory located in Vancouver, it’s resisted the urge to outsource to Asia to improve its bottom line. By doing this and funneling taxes through British Columbia’s GST of 5%, this allows the province to invest locally too.

Think about those quaint little coffee shops, the bakery around the corner and the small independent fashion retailers trying to make a buck. They’re not always our first choice, but it doesn’t take much to focus on them over the big wigs.

How Can This Benefit the Canucks?

We can’t be alone when we feel that the more a community is connected, the more prosperous it is. People band together, hang out more, have community drive programs… and, most-definitely meet up at their local hockey team’s HQ when there’s a sense of community spirit. Sure, the Canucks’ HQ might be a big trip for those in the north, but for Vancouver — and surrounding areas — residents, it’s right there on the doorstep.

You only need to look at the great work that the Canucks has done with the local governmental powers, as well as advocating rideshare programs. Such activities represent how well the NHL team focuses on the local community, prospering a two-way street rather than soaking up the revenue from ticket sales and endorsements. You see, the team can’t just survive in the NHL on its performance on the ice; it needs the investment from its fans, the local businesses and the parliamentary bodies.

Positivity Always Wins

This is where you can play a significant part. Many NHL players will no doubt avoid social media. However, some will inevitably succumb to the lure of Twitter post-game to see what the fans and critics are saying. How do you think you’d react after feeling you haven’t played your best to only receive a tirade of abuse from your “loyal” fans?

We can’t always be at the top of our game all of the time. To produce at a certain level, we need to have ups and downs so we can achieve an expected performance output. That’s not just hockey; that’s life. How more motivated do you think a player or coach will be if they see supportive tweets or social media posts after they feel like they’ve let someone down? This even extends into the controversy surrounding Benning’s extension; there are good and bad sides to this decision.

Even when the Canucks are riding a winning streak; instead of picking out where they could improve, take that extra step forward and pick on what went well. They have their coaching team and analysts to work on areas of improvement. Hell, even the prospect of a luxury tax can be seen as a positive change for salary cap issues.

Instead of being an armchair fan, get behind your team, head to Rogers Arena for each home game; even travel with the team for away games too if. Consider all your positive efforts to be an investment in your social life, in supporting the team and in adding to the value that the Canucks brings to British Columbia and the NHL.

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