St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars Series Preview

Ben Bishop looks to stay hot in the St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars series.

Much to the surprise of many, the St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars matchup is now locked in place. With first-round victories, both in six games, over the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators respectively, the two Central Division teams will look to stay hot in round two.

The two teams last faced off in the playoffs back in 2016, with the Blues winning in a very tough seven-game series. Since then, both rosters have experienced plenty of change, so much so that it is tough to draw conclusions from the 2016 matchup. Instead, the key factors heading into the series stem from the success that both teams saw in the first round. With that in mind, here are some of the factors that could be essential in deciding the outcome in the St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars second-round matchup:

Series Preview: St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars

Battle Between the Pipes

Both the Stars and the Blues goaltenders played a major role in the teams’ second-round entries. Ben Bishop and Jordan Binnington both stole games for their team when needed and outplayed their counterparts in Pekka Rinne and Connor Hellebuyck.

Jordan Binnington

Finishing with a 2.63 GAA and a .908 SV%, Binnington’s overall numbers against the Jets appear quite average thanks to allowing six goals-against in Game 3. In the other five games, Binnington was strong, allowing only 10 goals on 144 shots (good for a save percentage of roughly .930%.)

During the regular season, Binnington’s rookie campaign numbers were historically impressive. He managed to lead the league with a goals-against average of 1.89. He also ranked in the top-five with a save percentage of .927. These numbers were enough to propel the Blues from the last place in the league to third place in the Central Division.

Many questioned the sample size (32 games) of his success and felt as though the playoffs would be a true test to his abilities. He seemingly had no trouble with the added pressure of the post-season, though. As mentioned in the St. Louis Blues first-round recap, Binnington was consistently praised for his reliability against the Jets. If he is able to help the Blues advance through another tough round, he may finally get the praise he deserves.

Ben Bishop

Bishop’s .945 SV% and 1.89 GAA are both second league-wide during the playoffs, trailing only New York Islanders netminder Robin Lehner in both categories. His stellar play through the first round should surprise few given the regular season campaign he had. With a sparkling .934 SV% and a 1.98 GAA to go along with seven shutouts in 46 regular season appearances, Bishop finished top three leaguewide in each of these categories. He showed he was clearly able to maintain this consistency through the first round. Now, he’ll be tasked to keep it up even longer against the team that drafted him.

Star Power of Dallas Top Line

The Stars trio of Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, and Alexander Radulov have ranked amongst the league’s best lines over the past two seasons. Their first-round success against a defensively strong Preds team only helped strengthen their case for the best line in hockey.

Combining for a total of 18 points over the span of 6 games, each linemate has scored at a point-per-game pace so far this post-season. With 16 of their 18 points coming at even strength, the trio was clearly the difference against Nashville. If they can replicate this level of production in round two, they’ll be a very dangerous threat.

Conversely, if the Blues are able to manage the impact Dallas’ big guns have on the series they should have the advantage in the depth department. Deploying Selke Trophy finalist Ryan O’Reilly against the Seguin line should help accomplish this while giving an opportunity to players such as Jaden Schwartz and Tyler Bozak to continue the first round success they had against weaker matchups. The Blues second line has seen a recent burst of success, with Schwartz recording four goals in the last two games against the Jets. While St. Louis top-line hasn’t produced nearly as much as the prolific Stars line, their depth could be a difficult group to corral if they can stay hot.

Special Teams Battle

As mentioned in the Dallas Stars first-round series recap, the winner of the special team’s matchup has a huge advantage. Neither team’s powerplay numbers from round one jump off the page, with Dallas going 4/22, while the Blues were 5/19 against Winnipeg.

Where the two are truly separated on special teams to this point is on the penalty kill. In six games against Nashville, the Stars penalty kill was a perfect 15/15, while St. Louis killed off 11 of the 14 powerplays against the Jets.

With the dominance of the Seguin line at 5v5 previously mentioned, the Blues need to find an edge on special teams to help negate the Stars top trio at even strength. If Dallas’ PK continues to be nearly as prolific as it was against the Preds, they have a great probability of advancing to the conference final. This would only be compounded if the Stars power-play is able to shape up a bit. The Blues penalty-kill has been strong but Binnington has been a big reason for that. This gives Dallas a golden chance to dissect a possibly volatile Blues penalty-kill.


Both teams head into the second round having won their previous two games. Both teams have gotten strong goaltending down the stretch.

Dallas has a slight advantage in the crease, with Bishop’s post-season numbers better than the impressive young Binnington’s. Overall, Dallas red-hot penalty kill and the steady production of their top line should make them slight favorites heading into game one.

Stars in 7 games.

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  1. Brady, I question your sanity #BluesIn6

    The stars will not be gifted power-plays like Nashville seemed to do regularly. Also, we created Ben Bishop, you don’t think we know his tendencies and weaknesses? Get a clue bud. The stars will not be able to match our 4 strong lines and 6 competent defenseman. The stars have 3 forwards and 2 defenseman that play the majority of their minutes, not exactly a good idea vs the deepest roster left in the playoffs.

    Do you work for NBC?!?! Haha but really, I could not disagree with this poorly written prediction piece anymore!

    Better luck next time Brady ?

    1. Created Ben Bishop? He played 13 games for you guys. Tampa created him. Stars in 6. You guy’s won’t be able to match up with our lines. Better Luck Next Time B.j.

  2. I think this series could go either way. The Stars gave the Blues fits in the regular season. They even ended the Blues 11-game winning streak. That being said, the Blues defense just slowed down a dangerous Jets team. Their number 1 line was extremely dangerous. That being said, this is the playoffs, 2nd round. Both teams are going to bring it. I say the Blues pull it off in 7. That being said, I would not be surprised if it went either way.

    1. As you say Rocky, it is the playoffs and both teams are more than capable of advancing. With predictions being near impossible up to this point, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the madness!

      Appreciate your comment and thanks for reading!

  3. U do realize the predators were the first team in nhl history to make the playoffs while placing dead last on the power play.

    1. I realize stopping the Preds PP hasn’t been the toughest task this year. However, going six straight games without allowing a powerplay goal against is a noteworthy feat for the Stars nonetheless. Obviously sustaining a perfect penalty kill for another round is near impossible. With that said, Dallas’ PK was top-5 in the regular season so it is definitely a strength of theirs regardless of the opponent’s PP capability (or lack thereof.)

  4. As I mentioned in the article, much of the damage Dallas’ key guys did was at even strength so the powerplay was not a huge factor against the Preds. In addition, I noted the Blues depth being an advantage of theirs and seeing them overpower Dallas over the course of a series wouldn’t shock me.

    Of course, with the way predictions have gone so far this year I’m sure ythe Blues will make me look dumb winning in 4 after writing this. I appreciate your counterpoints and always enjoy some discussion (when it’s done in a more friendly manner preferably.)

    Thanks for reading!

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