Looking At Ottawa Senators Schedule For The Final Seven Games

The Ottawa Senators schedule to end the season has a few notable games. While the team has been out of playoffs for a while, they still have things to play for. The team itself would sure like to stay out of last. This may be possible as currently, the Los Angeles Kings are just four points ahead of them. However, players will be playing for pride and contracts as well. With a few easier opponents and also a few big games to get up against, here is the remaining Ottawa Senators schedule.

Ottawa Senators Schedule

Buffalo Sabres (x2)

The Ottawa Senators schedule sees them playing Buffalo twice. While the Buffalo Sabres saw some big improvements this year, they still find themselves out of the playoff picture. However, huge seasons from Rasmus Dahlin, Jack Eichel, and Jeff Skinner definitely have fans excited for the future. While Buffalo is much better than the 31st they finished last year, they may still be one of the easier teams Ottawa faces.

The team has struggled with just three wins in their last 18 games. They are eliminated from playoffs but also not likely bad enough to get a top pick. There very well may be a lack of motivation from some of the players.

Compare that to Ottawa who still has the motivation of beating LA and there may be a matchup here. However, the Sens will be hard pressed to beat anyone here and their final matchup against Buffalo comes on the end of a back-to-back. The Sens will need to put a strong foot forward but taking points from this team is possible.

Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are another team that finds themselves in no man’s land. Not good enough for playoffs yet not bad enough for a top pick. This team still has lots of high-end talent. As well, you can bet former Sen Mike Hoffman will be giving it his all to score against his former team.

While the Sens will be in tough for two-points here, the strategy needs to be offence, offence, offence. The Achilles Heel to the Panthers this year has been the goaltending and testing them as often as possible will likely be the best pay to take a W.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Next, in the Ottawa Senators schedule is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Any Sens fan reading this knows Ottawa will want to come to play in this game. The Sens played one of their best games of the year over a week ago against the Leafs. They embarrassed them on a Saturday night and drove the fan base wild.

The Leafs have been battling injuries and slipping lately. Ottawa will absolutely want to take another two-points away from their most hated rival. This is an absolute no-brainer the team will want to bring their A game. While Toronto is a great team, these two always seem to cause each other trouble at the worst times.

Tampa Bay Lightning

This one is a tough one. The Sens are 1-1-1 against the Tampa Bay Lightning this year. However, it’s the best team vs the worst team. There is a very strong chance Ottawa sees Tampa’s backups. As well, being it is near the end of the season and Tampa already has the president’s trophy locked up, it’s possible they rest some people too.

However, with a week remaining it may be too early for that and Tampa may be chasing some records too. The Sens will be in really tough for this one. It is much more likely than not Ottawa sees zero points from this game.

New York Rangers

The Sens then face the New York Rangers. Another team that is well out of a playoff spot. Ottawa certainly has a fair chance in this game. However, may be facing Henrik Lundqvist which even as he ages, makes any game that much harder.

The Sens will also be in MSG, opposed to five of their remaining seven games that will be at home. The Sens saving hope here may be that the Rangers are in the same spot Buffalo is in and there is a bit less passion from the Rangers players. However, that’s obviously never a safe bet in the NHL. Players from other teams will be competing for jobs just like on the Sens. Once again another game that if they put their best foot forward they at least have a chance of winning.

Columbus Blue Jackets

This is the game that could mean everything or could mean nothing. The Ottawa Senators schedule concludes by playing the Columbus Blue Jackets on the final day of the season. Former Sens Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel will absolutely want to best their past team, however, it could mean so much more than that.

The Jackets are currently in a race with the Montreal Canadiens for the final wildcard spot. The Jackets are two points back of the Habs with a game in hand. It is a very legitimate possibility the Jackets playoff chances come down to playing the team they gave up so many assets to so they could “go for it”. This would be quite the spectacle and for Ottawa no doubt the biggest game of the season.

However, saying that, there is also a chance that Columbus has either clinched or been eliminated by this time and the game means absolutely nothing. In which case, the pressure and drama would be much more disappointing. Either way, finishing off the year against the team that gave you a ton of assets would be a nice time to get a W.


It’s tough to predict with this team. Sometimes they look like a team that can compete throughout the night. Other times a team with no quit when behind. However, more often than not they look like their normal 31st places selves.

3-3-1 is a possibility. In this scenario, they take three points from Buffalo. As well, an upset against the Leafs on a Saturday night. To finish it off, the Sens may be able to take it to the Rangers. If the game against Columbus truly comes down to win and in it will be one heck of a game to watch. But, motivation and skill will be on the Jackets side.

As for the Bolts, not much needs to be said there. The Panthers are a team the Sens have a hard time with (1-2 this year). Will it all be enough to catch the Kings? Likely not. Here is the Kings schedule, they also have a game in hand and are 4 points up on Ottawa. They play five non-playoff teams and only need three points to beat the Sens if they go 3-3-1.

It’s definitely a long shot, but you can bet the Sens players will be doing their best to prevent a last-place finish.

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