NHL Trade Rumours: Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers And Florida Panthers

NHL Rumours Kevin Hayes

It’s Friday and it’s another edition of our NHL trade rumours. We’re under one week away from the NHL trade deadline and we’re breaking down all the action as we race towards next Monday. Today we look at NHL Trade Rumours surrounding the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Florida Panthers.

NHL Trade Rumours

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: We start NHL Trade Rumours in Edmonton today. TSN’s Darren Dreger mentioned that he believes Edmonton will move a few more assets. However, currently, the ask for guys like Alex Chiasson and Zack Kassian is pretty high.

Analysis: The Oilers have slipped out of the playoff race and look like they are trying to retool on the fly. Selling off UFA Chiasson would be smart. He won a cup last year with the Washington Capitals. At just 650K any team could afford him, making him a very easy piece to see moved.

Chiasson is a solid depth scorer that Edmonton should be able to get a decent return from. As for Kassian, he has 1 more year left and a team who wants some depth going forward may look at him. Both could bring in some much-needed assets for the Oilers at the deadline.

New York Rangers

Rumour: Elliotte Friedman mentioned on the 31 Thoughts Podcast that he could see a few teams targeting Kevin Hayes. Teams such as the Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Analysis: The Rangers have been a pretty common team in NHL Trade Rumours. The team came out and said they were rebuilding last year. However, they haven’t made a ton of moves outside of trading Ryan McDonagh. Hayes is a UFA at the end of the season and could be a solid addition to a playoff team. He’s a guy who can slot in just about anywhere and be effective.

The Bruins already got Charlie Coyle this week. However, in such a stacked division it’s easy to see how they may feel they need to do more still.

Philadelphia Flyers

Rumour: Staying with Friedman, he also mentioned the market for Wayne Simmonds hasn’t been great. However, there are a few teams who think because of this they may get a steal on him as a rental.

Analysis: Philly has been a very common team on NHL Trade Rumours. It is pretty common knowledge that Simmonds is being traded. But, it seemed with so many big names possibly out there the market for Simmonds hasn’t been great.

Boston has been linked to lots of teams, but an obvious fit is there. If the price is right there are likely a ton of teams that would be interested in Simmonds. Philly, however, is likely hoping some of these teams will start a bidding war to jack up the price. A trade may come down to late Monday when the deadline is, however, expect Philly’s GM Chuck Fletcher to be very active on the phones this weekend.

Florida Panthers

Rumours: Lastly, according to Pierre LeBrun, the Florida Panthers have asked Mike Hoffman for his 10-team list that comes with his No Trade Clause.

Analysis: There have been talks of Hoffman being moved out so the Panthers can look at some big name free agents this summer. You do have to wonder if this is a bold choice though. Hoffman will likely have his first 30-goal season this year. After having 3 25+ goal years already. He has one more year at 5 million dollars.

This likely means that most teams would see a fit for him. Any team looking for additional scoring for 2 playoff runs may want to take a look at Hoffman. He is an elite shooter and is underrated at his two-way game.

It should be said that just because the Panthers have asked him for his NTC teams, does not mean he will be traded. It does likely mean they will be looking and calling around, however.

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