Boston Bruins Ironman: Rejuvenated David Krejci

David Krejci is the ironman for the Boston Bruins this season. This fact would definitely surprise some of the Bruins fans. Not everything has come easily for Krejci over the past few years, but he has always been able to keep his calm and maintain his high level of play. This season, it seems like all the hard work has come together for truly rejuvenated Krejci.

David Krejci Surprisingly The Boston Bruins Ironman

After David Pastrnak broke his thumb two weeks ago, Krejci has become the only Bruins player participating in all of their regular season games, and it hasn’t been just about participation in those games. The Czech center is playing a very important role for the Bruins, Krejci is more reliable than ever for head coach Bruce Cassidy.

One of the most important things in the hockey world is passing the “eye test”. Krejci has passed that test with an A mark. After seasons where he was heavily criticized for missing too many chances or being lazy on the ice, Krejci found his stride. His skating and movement are the best in almost four years.

When the Bruins won the President’s Trophy in the 2013-14 season, Krejci posted 69 points. Great point-production earned him a seven-year contract extension worth $7,250,000 per season. However, he has not been able to post the same numbers ever since his contract extension. Many Bruins fans questioned the player, who is the best-paid one on the Bruins roster.

Krejci Surpassing Injuries A Key For His Succes

His great momentum from that 2013-14 season translated to the 2014-15 season as well. Although, exactly five years ago, Krejci suffered a partial tear of his MCL in a game in St. Louis against the Blues. The Bruins visit the Blues this Saturday. The Czech center ended 2015 with just 31 points collected over 47 games played and Boston missed the playoffs for the first time in a while.

After his knee surgery, Krejci aimed for the better 2015-16 season. He improved his play by posting 63 points in 72 games. However, the Bruins missed the playoffs again. Despite Krejci’s bettered performances, he was struggling with a hip problem and also missed 10 games with a problematic shoulder. That was the point, where Krejci said “enough”. He underwent right hip surgery in May 2016.

“After Hip Surgery, Will David Krejci Ever Be The Same?” CBS Boston wrote on behalf of Krejci’s surgery back then. Krejci responded on his own, playing in all 82 games in the 2016-17 season while recording 54 points. The point-production has lowered compared to the previous season. The Bruins finally made the playoffs, but Krejci suffered an injury and had to miss three of the six games of the first round series against the Ottawa Senators.

Krejci´s Best Play In Four Years

Following recovery from knee and hip surgeries, Krejci was eager to finally put it everything together last season. Nevertheless, he hurt his back in a game versus the Vancouver Canucks back in October 2017. He finished the 2017-18 season with 44 points in 64 games. Krejci started to heat up before the season’s end and was very solid in the playoffs, collecting 10 points in 12 games.

Last season in total, Krejci recorded 44 points in 64 games. During the current campaign, Czech forward has gathered 52 points already in 60 games. He started to skate and move smoothly again and his passes are marvelous once again, you can clearly see Krejci enjoying his time after a long time. Before Christmas, Krejci welcomed his second child, which definitely added to the splendid situation he is in as of now.

Krejci’s toughest opponent this year has not been the injury bug. The Bruins are a good team with perfect top-line and therefore, Krejci is left practically alone in his efforts alongside Jake DeBrusk. The third piece is still missing on the Bruins second line, but it hasn’t harmed Krejci in an expected way. He has enjoyed an eight-game point streak back in December. That time, Krejci was substituting injured Patrice Bergeron on the top line. Playing with Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak, Krejci recorded 11 points in eight games and showed how elite he can still be.

The transition back to the second line without Marchand or Pastrnak has slowed Krejci a bit. But he has found a way how to be productive again. A 32-year-old center has totaled nine points in his last four games. From being a questioned player back to being one of the most reliable centers again. Krejci is currently fourth on the Bruins team in points, just behind the trio of Bergeron, Pastrnak, and Marchand.

David Krejci and Rumors Around John Tavares

Last summer was a very stressful one for David Krejci. In case of any kind of trade, he possessed a full no-movement clause, but as the Bruins reportedly pursued John Tavares in the free agency, they were ready to ask Krejci to waive his NMC. However, Tavares has already decided to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Krejci stayed a Bruin.

Notwithstanding, Krejci was asked on the whole issue during the past training camp. He admitted that the summer wasn’t easy. He could easily come up and declare, that if he was not trusted enough by the Bruins, he would ask for a trade, but he chose to go elsewhere. Krejci chose to declare his loyalty to the Bruins and tried hard to prove all those questioning him wrong.

John Tavares in Toronto has collected 63 points in 59 games. Krejci has 52 points in 60 outings. Giving the fact, that he is constantly in search of solid linemates and that Tavares took $11,000,000 per season, the Bruins have not hurt themselves sticking up with Krejci at all. It’s quite the opposite, Krejci has been rock-solid all season long even though being 32-year-old.

How Will Rejuvenated Krejci Contribute To Bruins Succes?

On December 11, 2018, Krejci played his 800th NHL game, recording three assists in a Bruins 4–3 home win over the Arizona Coyotes. Just one week later, on December 20, Krejci scored his 600th career NHL point, as the third Bruins goal en route to a 3–1 home ice defeat of the Anaheim Ducks. It has been a very special season for Krejci so far to say at least.

But is there something more for both Krejci and the Bruins? Come playoff time, Boston will need its secondary scoring to provide a healthy help and Krejci is ready for that task. Will General Manager Don Sweeney help Krejci and acquire some solid right-winger for his second line? That is up to be resolved until the trade deadline next Monday.

Krejci finds himself as an ironman of the Boston Bruins. That is something he would not have dreamed of after his lengthy injury woes. For any sort of the success for the Boston Bruins, having a reliable second line center in David Krejci is an essential part.

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