NHL Trade Rumours: Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators

It’s Friday and the Last Word on Hockey is here with another dose of NHL trade rumours. We gather a group of three or four rumours and try to make sense of them. The NHL trade deadline is under a month away on Feb. 25, so these rumours will heat up as we get closer to the date. Today we are staying in Canada as we talk about the Vancouver CanucksToronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators.

NHL Trade Rumours

Vancouver Canucks

Rumour: We start NHL Trade Rumours off with Vancouver. GM Jim Benning has said they are staying the course and not trading away any draft picks this season. They will be looking to re-sign Alexander Edler, as well. Lastly, he mentioned they would be open to a player for player trade, but only if it made their team better.

Analysis: Well, there is a lot to unpack here. It seems smart the Canucks are staying the course. Their season has gone much better than anyone expected, due in large part to Calder favourite Elias Pettersson. However, while the Canucks could make playoffs this year, it is very fair to say they are not a competitor. Keeping their picks and adding more talent is the way to go.

As for Edler, there is a case to be made about trading him. However, he clearly wants to stay and would be a solid role model for the young guys in the future. Especially for guys like Quinn Hughes and Olli Joulevi, who will likely be up in the near future.

Lastly, a player for player trade could happen. Nikolay Goldobin has been rumoured to be a candidate for a while. His play hasn’t worked out quite how the Canucks want. If they feel they can upgrade, he could be a player they move.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Rumour: TSN Insiders report that the Leafs could look at some heavy forwards. They mentioned they would not be surprised if the Leafs targeted Wayne Simmonds or Micheal Ferland.

Analysis: Many people believe the Leafs need to add size. There are tons of people who want to see a tougher player stick up for Mitch Marner or Auston Matthews when they get checked. The Leafs may want some toughness to contend with a team like the Boston Bruins. However, they added some in Jake Muzzin.

GM Kyle Dubas made it pretty clear he didn’t want to move a big prospect in Rasmus Sandin or Timothy Liljegren. Those two names would likely cost them big. It is possible the Leafs try, but if they are not willing to part with one of them and no first round pick, it may be hard.

Ottawa Senators

Rumour: Next in our NHL Trade Rumours is the Senators. TSN’s Daren Dreger reported that Ottawa has come closer to a standstill on Matt Duchene contract talks. The rumour is that Duchene will be traded if Ottawa does not give more than $8 million.

Analysis: While Melnyk isn’t the good guy here, his wallet may save Ottawa a contract they regret. Duchene is already 28 years old and is having a career year shooting 7% above his average. There are a lot of question marks to whether or not that is someone you should be giving more than $8 million to long term.

It is hard to move on when considering what Ottawa gave up. However, moving Duchene during a rebuild may be the right move here. That contract could really hurt a team down the road and Ottawa will just be coming out of their rebuild when it does.

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: Last but not least on NHL Trade Rumours is Edmonton. Once again from TSN, it is rumoured that the trade market for goalie Cam Talbot is heating up.

Analysis: With Peter Chiarelli making his last move locking up Mikko Koskinen, there doesn’t appear to be a future in Edmonton for Talbot. The goalie was a key reason the Oilers made their first and only Stanley Cup Playoff appearance since they were in the Finals in 2006. Talbot played like a Vezina candidate that season. However, since then he has struggled a lot more. Being a below average starter, he found himself losing out to Koskinen.

A team like the Calgary Flames may take a shot at him as a backup for the playoffs. If a team loses their goalie they would be in big trouble. Maybe having some security in Talbot wouldn’t hurt? The Oilers should be able to get some assets back for him. Something they desperately need.

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    1. He’ll likely get more than 8 if we’re being honest. Probably not correctly, but I’d be willing to bet some team throws 9 million for 7 years at him.

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