KHL Bans Heads of the HC Admiral

The KHL imposes a sports corporate ban on Sergei Soshnikov and Alexander Selivanov of the HC Admiral.

A disqualification due to debts

The League has disqualified the former general director of HC Admiral Vladivostok Sergei Soshnikov and the new general director Alexander Selivanov. Also, the KHL banned the hockey club from any acquisitions of new players and player exchanges.

According to the KHL representatives, HC Admiral’s total debt is 102.8 million rubles ($1.5 million USD, including arrears for 56.3 million rubles. The sum is said to be players’ salaries and the league membership payments.

The debt appeared when Sergei Soshnikov was in charge of the HC Admiral Association as general director. A post he left on May 13, 2018. After his destitution, settlement agreements were signed during June 2018, by the new general director of HC Admiral Association, Alexander Selivanov, but those were executed with violations.

As a result, the League decided to impose a corporative sports ban on Sergei Soshnikov and Alexander Selivanov. Therefore the club will lose the access to the CIB (e.g., for trades or signing new players).

Dmitry Chernyshenko, KHL president:

” The League has a zero-tolerance policy on arrears and overdue payments, and on violation of signed agreements. The ban will be in effect until the debt’s full repayment.”

A different viewpoint on the situation

On the other hand, Sergei Soshnikov called the situation with the club nonsense. As the HC Admiral is a new member of the KHL, the club has no debt whatsoever.

One should notice, that the HC Admiral changed the legal entity in July 2018. Following that decision,  the Board of Directors of the KHL approved the participation of the club in the season 2018/19.

“Our club as a new organization has been functioning since April 20, 2018. It had met all the necessary KHL conditions for participating in the league. The only fee the club owes is the one for membership in the NHL. But we keep monthly payments as per its schedule.”

“There are no arrears of wages to any hockey player, or to any employee of the ANO “Admiral”, said Sergei Soshnikov.


HC Admiral plays their home games at Fetisov Arena, which has a capacity of 7,500.

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