The Vegas Golden Knights Intros Are Weird, and Getting Weirder

The Vegas Golden Knights shocked the hockey world with their first ever Western Conference Final home opener. Not only did they come straight out of the gate with a goal just 35 seconds in scored by Jonathan Marchessault, but they had an eccentric opening that screamed typical Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas

To begin their opener, as if in pure Vegas style, everything was bright, loud and the crowd was ready. Inside the castle (yes, the castle) was a row of drummers along with their fluorescent drums; banging away to the beat of the crowd. The audience itself was deafening when their Golden Knight destroyed the holographic jet. They even incorporated a sword fight between the Golden Knight and the Jet as if things couldn’t have gotten any cheesier.

Also included in the holographic light show was a barrage of hate comments reflected onto the ice. The broadcasters and other hockey big shots from around the league probably feel foolish now; judging the team before their season officially began and still criticizing the team even now. This team continuously embraced new challenges throughout the year and thrived off of adversity. 

Despite the cringe-factor at times, this team has defied all odds during their inaugural season. Gary Bettman officially announced in June 2016 that Vegas was getting an NHL franchise. Courtesy of the NHL, the Golden Knights became Las Vegas’ first major professional sports league team. They began their inaugural year on October 6, 2017, a 2-1 win against the Dallas Stars. They’ve been on a frightening tear ever since that moment.

Marc-Andre Fleury, William Karlsson, and Jonathan Marchessault Stand Tall

During the month of February, they broke the record for most wins and most points by an expansion team in their inaugural season. Late March, they became the first team to make the playoffs in their first season in the league since 1979-80. Success has followed this team and its players all through the regular season. Marc-Andre Fleury, William Karlsson, and Marchessault have been difference makers all year.

Throughout the playoffs, they’ve easily taken down their Californian opponents; the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks. The only thing standing in the way of their first Stanley Cup Final is the Winnipeg Jets.

If one thing is for certain, this year the Golden Knights along with the city of Las Vegas welcomed the impossible with open arms. It’s obvious they plan to carry this through to the end of their season; whenever that may be.

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