Last Word on Habs Pod – Episode 18 (Habs Living Wake)

The Last Word on Habs Pod is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the LWOH Montreal Canadiens team manager Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs and features guests from the Last Word on Sports community and others. Join us for smart takes, controversial opinions, and news you can use about the Montreal Canadiens.

Last Word on Habs Pod – Episode 18 (Habs Living Wake)

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This week Connor and Johannes discuss why there was no show last week. To make up for missing last week, our hosts look to provide two times the entertainment to their listeners this week.

As for the Habs, our hosts look back on the two weeks since the Trade Deadline. Connor worries if the Habs will go on a useless run to pull themselves out off a prime draft position. Johannes wants to know about how the rest of the year will play out in the Montreal media as pundits are starting to express their opinions on the Habs. Johannes, with the help of hindsight, wonders why Marc Bergevin was in such a rush to announce Carey Price‘s extension last offseason. Connor thinks it might have been a form of damage control after missing out on free agents.

The focus then shifts, as usual, to Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin. Our hosts try to find out why Geoff Molson is comfortable keeping Bergevin around after missing the playoffs two of the last three years. Our hosts discuss if there is a path to redemption for Bergevin. Johannes wonders what unhappy fans can do to convince Molson that Bergevin should be ousted.

Do the Canadiens know how to maximize their assets? Our hosts discuss if the Habs are good at setting up their players for success. They focus on Jonathan Drouin and Alex Galchenyuk and why the team continues to play them out of position and expect greatness.

All this and baby talk, a look to free agency, did Max Pacioretty ask for a trade at the deadline and an honest take on how much Habs we will be watching down the stretch.

Tune in!

Last Word on Habs Pod Episode 18 Rundown

Intro/look back (00:00 – 5:00)

Big Contracts/Price injury worries (5:00 – 12:20)

Marc Bergevin, Geoff Molson and free agency (12:20 – 18:50)

Habs mismanaging their assets (18:50 – 27:00)

What happened to the Pacioretty trade request? (27:00 – 29:00)

Bergevin’s plans (and what is character?) (29:00 – 34:22)

Habs holes/Draft talk (34:22 – 39:33)

Jonathan Drouin (39:33 – 44:18)

Coming together as a team, too late (44:18 – 47:22)

How, as a fan, to force a change (47:22 – 55:18)

Bad year (excuses) or Bad team (management)?  (55:18 – 105:00)

Learning experience (105:00 – 109:30)

Free Agency or Bust (109:30 – 111:58)

Look ahead (Radulov returns) (111:58 – 118:00)

How much will you be watching/sign off (118:00 – 122:17)

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Thanks to Ethan Meixsell, Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, and Silent Partner for their musical contributions to the Last Word on Habs Pod.

The Last Word on Habs Podcast is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the Montreal Canadiens team managers Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs, news, notes, arguments, and aspirations. It features guests from the Last Word on Sports community.

Johannes Wheeldon is a father, author, college professor, and criminal justice consultant. Mostly he is a Habs fan with plenty of opinions. Contact him on twitter @justicelawdev.

Connor Lapalme is a writer and editor of the Last Word on Hockey. A passionate Hockey and Habs fans, Connor is never afraid to share his opinion. Contact him on twitter @Connor_Lapalme.

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