Toronto Maple Leafs Scout Arrested for DUI, Stealing Golf Cart

A Toronto Maple Leafs scout is facing multiple charges after they drunkenly stole a golf cart and crashed it into another vehicle. It was announced Sunday that Lindsay Hofford, the Director of Eastern Area Scout with the Leafs and CEO of the Pro Hockey Development Group, was arrested. The events took place over the weekend at Darien Lake in Corfu, New York.

Toronto Maple Leafs Scout Arrested for DUI Along with Other Charges

The exact situation Hofford was in wasn’t disclosed, but the local sheriff did verify that the golf cart was taken just under two hours after the theme park closed. It’s likely the golf cart was related to the nearby campground or the ‘Green Day’ concert that was in town; but it wasn’t specified.

Due to his actions, Hofford is facing at least five charges. They include driving while intoxicated, refusing to take a breath test, unauthorized use of a vehicle without the owner’s consent, making an unsafe lane change, and fleeing the scene of an accident. It’s not sure what punishment he’s likely to receive. He is set to reappear in court on September 21, after he was arraigned Sunday afternoon.

Hofford just recently became apart of the Maple Leafs club. In the 2015-16 season, he joined as a normal scout. Last season he was promoted to a Director role. He replaced Ari Vuori. Hofford had a lengthy career before his tenure with the Leafs, though. In 2000-01, he accepted a role as the London Knights head coach. After as season and a half, he was let go. He spent the following season as their assistant coach though. After his time with the Knights, he went on to spend just under three seasons as the Lethbridge Hurricanes head coach. When he was replaced midseason yet again, Hofford decided to move on from coaching. Joining in 2010-11, he returned to the Knights as their director of amateur scouting.

Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the London Knights have remained quiet about Hofford’s arrest, or any details pertaining to it. Hofford has also declined any comment, saying his lawyer will be his voice.