The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #146 – Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2017

Leon Draisaitl

Last Word on Hockey is pleased to present our new hockey podcast, The 4th Line Hockey Podcast. Coming from Calgary, AB and Nanaimo, BC, Carl and Joel provide their own unique and fun view of hockey. Every week the guys share their thoughts on the news of the week, have a variety of guests from the world of hockey as well as spending some time in segments like Joel’s Counselling Couch, The Rant Shack, and The Hot Seat.

The guys are joined by Rob Vollman, author of Hockey Abstract 2017. They talk about the latest edition of Hockey Abstract, including:

– the evolution of Rob’s Hockey Abstracts

– how best to evaluate goaltenders

– what can be done to take coaching in consideration during a statistical evaluation

– review Rob’s updated player usage charts as well as the latest charts

– find out what stat Rob wishes did not exist along with what data he wishes he could have

Tweet to the show account with the hashtag #HockeyAbstract and retweet the pinned tweet for Episode 146 to be entered to win a copy of Hockey Abstract 2017.

The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #146 – Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2017

Carl and Joel also break down the latest of the week:

Leon Draisaitl signed a giant extension with the Edmonton Oilers. How does this impact the team into the future? Also, what does this mean for other contracts being handed out around the league?

Brandon Dubinsky is annoyed by the way that college players and being granted free agency as well as signing their entry level contracts. But is he right?

– As annoyed as Dubinsky was, Joel is even more frustrated. This time it’s at referees and people who eat bagels like a donut.
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Intro music by Erik Hall of Shoot the Shred podcast

Who are Carl and Joel? Carl comes from Calgary, AB. His facial hair of choice is a mustache. His team of choice is the Colorado Avalanche and his smoked meat of choice is brisket. Joel comes from Nanaimo, BC. His facial hair of choice is a beard. His team of choice is the Toronto Maple Leafs and his smoked meat of choice is ribs.

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