Ty Rattie Signs with the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have signed forward¬†Ty Rattie. Rattie is coming off an interesting season, where he was claimed off waivers twice. He was slowly becoming less and less of an important contract with the St. Louis Blues, and the team wasn’t quick to pursue him because of it. On the legs of his new contract, Rattie will really have to prove his worth.

Ty Rattie Signs with the Edmonton Oilers

Ty Rattie was lucky enough to land a spot as an extra forward in the NHL at the start of the season. He watched 31 out of the first 38 games from the press box though. He only played in four games, and was sent down to the AHL on a conditioning assignment for three. In the four games he played with the Blues this season, he had no points.

Waiver Drama

On January 3, after not playing in 15 consecutive games, the Blues put Rattie on waivers. Their goal was to add even more strength to what was already a very strong AHL team. The Carolina Hurricanes botched those plans when they claimed Rattie a day later. Rattie went on to play five games with the Hurricanes, registering two points. A just over a month later, on February 20, the Hurricanes put Rattie back on waivers. Yet again he didn’t clear them, and was claimed by St. Louis. Now returning to his original team, Rattie was assigned to the AHL where he finished off his season.

Bumpy Road So Far

Rattie hasn’t been a total bust for the Blues, but hopes were much higher. Originally drafted in the second round of 2011, Rattie came in with hopes of him becoming a strong, middle-line forward by this time. Now at 24, he’s seen limited time in the NHL. He officially joined the AHL during the 2013-14 season, and since then has played in only 35 NHL games. For good reason though, considering he’s only managed to get 10 points in those games. While there’s still hope, Rattie’s light is quickly dwindling. He needs to start showing he has what it takes. If he doesn’t he’ll become a consistent AHL forward with very little worth. Going into the 2017-18 season, he’s no more than an AHL top six forward.

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