Patrick Wiercioch Signs with Vancouver Canucks

Patrick Wiercioch

Patrick Wiercioch, formerly of the Colorado Avalanche, has signed a one year deal with the Vancouver Canucks worth $650,000. The 26 year old defencemen has spent six seasons in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators and the Colorado Avalanche.

Patrick Wiercioch Signs with Vancouver Canucks

Wiercioch was an unrestricted free agent after the season. Wiercioch has never been a great offensive defenseman. He had just 4 goals goals and 12 points in 57 games this past season. His best season offensively came with the Ottawa Senators in the 2013-2014 season when he had four goals and 23 points. For his career, he has 16 goals and 74 points through 268 games played. Wiercioch is a lot better in his own zone and suppresses shots very well. He was consistently one of the Senators best relative possession players, frequently surpassing even Erik Karlsson.

Wiercioch has had a hard time taking hold in the NHL during his career. The most games he has played in an NHL season is 57 this past season with Colorado. He found himself a healthy-scratch on repeated occasions. This new contract gives Wiercioch a fresh start on a team that may be more likely to employ him consistently.

Wiercioch will likely be used as a bottom pairing defenseman on the Canucks, just like how he was in Colorado. His best assets are his first-pass, ability to keep the puck in the offensive-zone, and drive possession. With the right deployment, Wiercioch can make the bottom pairing blossom.

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