Vegas 2018 Stanley Cup Odds

Last night the 2016-2017 NHL season came to an end. The Pittsburgh Penguins hold the crown for the second year in a row. So what better way to spend the first day of the off-season than by predicting who will win next year? Vegas has released the odds for the 2018 Stanley Cup and the Pittsburgh Penguins are favored for a three-peat.

Vegas 2018 Stanley Cup Odds

Pittsburgh Penguins                          9/1
Chicago Blackhawks                        12/1
Edmonton Oilers                             12/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                       12/1
Washington Capitals                        12/1
Anaheim Ducks                               14/1
Nashville Predators                          14/1
Dallas Stars                                    16/1
Minnesota Wild                               16/1
Montreal Canadiens                         16/1
New York Rangers                           16/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                        16/1
Los Angeles Kings                           18/1
Columbus Blue Jackets                    20/1
San Jose Sharks                              22/1
St. Louis Blues                                28/1
Boston Bruins                                 33/1
Calgary Flames                               33/1
Ottawa Senators                             33/1
Florida Panthers                              40/1
New York Islanders                         40/1
Philadelphia Flyers                          40/1
Winnipeg Jets                                 40/1
Arizona Coyotes                              66/1
Buffalo Sabres                                66/1
Carolina Hurricanes                         66/1
Detroit Red Wings                           66/1
Colorado Avalanche                         75/1
New Jersey Devils                           75/1
Vancouver Canucks                         75/1
Vegas Golden Knights                    150/1

Will we see a three-peat?

The initial reaction to these Vegas odds surrounds the Penguins best odds of 9/1. This was the first time under the salary cap era that any team repeated. Now they are initially favored to win it all for a third year in a row.

Pittsburgh is quickly followed by Chicago, Tampa Bay, Edmonton, and Washington, who are all at 12/1. Edmonton had a very impressive run during this post season and it almost feels like Chicago was never even in the playoffs. But the most impressive, or shocking, position is Tampa Bay. The Lightning hold the best odds for those teams that missed out on the post season. They are followed by the Stars at 16/1. 

The middle of this list is filled with four teams who all fell just a little short this post season. The St. Louis Blues are alone at 28/1. They are followed by Boston, Calgary, and Ottawa—all at 33/1 odds. Many were surprised by the deep run Ottawa made to the Conference Finals and it seems like Vegas doesn’t think they’ll find themselves there again next year.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

To no surprise, the Colorado Avalanche find themselves toward the bottom of the list with very little chance of winning it all. They are accompanied by the New Jersey Devils and Vancouver Canucks—all at 75/1 odds. The Vegas Golden Knights find themselves playing in their first season with 150/1 odds. Then again, without a full roster, you can’t expect any high odds.

Of course, these odds are coming out the first day of the off-season. We still have the expansion draft, entry draft, and some free agency fun to look forward too. Oh, and an 82-game season where anything can happen.

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