Spring Camp for Wake Forest

As we hit the beginning of Spring camp for Wake Forest football, there are some big storylines that need attention. Some are more obvious than others but all are subjects head coach Dave Clawson and his coaching staff will need to answer over the next month. The quarterback question is not a matter of who […] READ MORE

How Wake Forest Got Here


Now that the Demon Deacons have hit the halfway point of the season, and have a bye this week, we can all get a little introspective on how Wake Forest got here and what lies ahead. The coaches and players may live week to week. It doesn’t mean it is a requirement for the fan […] READ MORE

The Wake Forest Defensive Line


While much attention has been paid to the high level of experience on the offensive line, the Wake Forest defensive line is staking its claim on quality and senior leadership. This week in live scrimmages at practice. The defensive line has made its presence felt more than at most any time in camp. There have […] READ MORE

Wake Forest Wraps Up The Spring


As Wake Forest wraps up the Spring, how did the Demon Deacons do in terms of building depth and getting that proper “mindset” that was so key to head coach Dave Clawson’s agenda? After the Spring scrimmage Saturday, Clawson said he was more focused on the big picture. He efforted to evaluate the entire Spring, […] READ MORE

The Line Gets Drawn For Wake Forest


For whatever success Wake Forest has, or doesn’t have this season, eyes are going to be on both sides of the line of scrimmage. The offensive line has been in a makeshift mode in the Spring, with departures and injuries giving way to trying to get reps for the next generation of blockers. The defensive […] READ MORE

Wake Forest’s Mindset


Now that Spring camp is officially underway in Winston-Salem, it is time to put head coach Dave Clawson’s theme for the season to the test. Last season he set forth the idea of going from good to great. By any appraisal within the Wake Forest spectrum, the Demo Deacons accomplished that. An 11-3 season, an […] READ MORE

A New Bar For Wake Forest Football


The 2022 football season brings about a new era for Wake Forest football. How long the era lasts remains to be seen. But the season begins on the heels of a season more successful than any single year in recent memory. The Demon Deacons finished the season 11-3. They won the ACC Atlantic Division with […] READ MORE