Three Keys for an Arkansas Win Over Missouri

Arkansas was able to pull the upset over Ole Miss last week 42-27 anchored by achieving their keys. This week the Razorbacks travel to Columbia, Missouri to battle the Tigers. This series is now dubbed the “Battle Line Rivalry” and features a 180-pound trophy with the outline of the two states. The trophy has an interchangeable silver insert where the two states border. Each season the winner of the most recent game will have their color in the line between the states. Arkansas is 0-5 in this series at Missouri and looks to get a win to close the season. The Razorbacks will have to do many things right again this week, yet we will look at three. What are the three keys to an Arkansas win at Missouri?

Three Keys for an Arkansas Win Over Missouri

Keep Running!

Last week the Razorbacks gashed the Rebels for 335 yards on the ground. Raheim Sanders contributed 232 of these yards in another impressive performance. Sanders had an average of 10 yards per carry on the night. This week the Razorbacks will need to continue to average 233 yards per game to be effective. The Tigers’ opponents average 128 yards per game on the ground and will be looking to slow down a potent ground game. Controlling the clock will be key. Under head coach, Eli Drinkiwitz, the Tigers are 5-14 when not winning the time of possession. Whether it’s Sanders or another Hog this will be a key to a win at Missouri.

Defensive Pressure

Arkansas in recent weeks has brought the pressure we discussed in the preseason. in 2022, the Hogs are averaging three sacks per game and look to continue this week. This is important in the aspect of being able to create extra possessions. Missouri only averages 25 points per game which is right at the season average of 28 points scored by Arkansas opponents. Arkansas will need to pressure Missouri quarterback, Brady Cook, and look to increase his seven interceptions this season. By doing this, Arkansas can decrease the points scored even more and be able to increase their season average of 31 points per game. This key will be one of interest to watch this week. Defensive pressure to create extra possessions will be vital to an Arkansas win at Missouri.


This sounds simple I know. When you look at this series in Columbia finishing isn’t something the Razorbacks have done. Since their first meeting in the SEC in Columbia in 2014, all but one game, in 2018 {38-0 Missouri}, has been won by more than seven points. Arkansas seems to always play close with the Tigers but can’t finish them off on the road. With the Tigers leading the series 9-4 the last key is the most difficult. This key comes from something you can’t coach. It is the heart. In Columbia, this key to an Arkansas win at Missouri will be internal as much as it is external.