Players to Watch in 2022 For USF

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Players to Watch in 2022 For USF

Are there really players to watch in 2022 for USF? Even though the Bulls are coming off back-to-back tough seasons there are definitely some players that could go off in 2022. With the addition of some transfers, USF is shaping to be one of the better teams in the AAC. Hoping to please fans this upcoming year, USF is going to need players to step up and have break-out years.

#5 Mychael Hamilton

Mychael Hamilton will be a running back that you’ll have to keep your eye on as the season plays out. Hamilton was a prominent piece for team Green in the USF spring game. He rushed for 50 yards on eight carries with his biggest run being 17 yards.

Despite some struggles in past seasons, Hamilton should be a big back for the Bulls. Look for him to play the same role as Jaren Mangham, running hard into the trenches. If Hamilton can get going early in the season expect him to roll through Mangham, Joiner, and Battie.

#4 Donovan Jennings

Donovan Jennings coming into the 2022 season is looking like the strongest link on the Bull’s offensive line. Jennings’s experience combined with his height and weight makes him a hard offensive lineman to pass. Even though the offensive line has struggled in the past, he’ll look to have a much better year.

For the Bulls this year, one of the biggest questions is how the line will hold up? Jennings is one of the guys who will make sure whoever is behind center has the right amount of time to get the ball out of his hands. The rest of the offensive line will have to make sure they complete their jobs but expect Jennings to give up a few sacks this coming season.

#3 Mehki Lapointe

With a lot of expectations for the defense, look for Mehki Lapointe to step up for the Bulls. Lapointe had a great spring game and even had one of the interceptions for team Green. Lapointe is one guy that every offense that USF plays will have to keep an eye on.

Coming in as a senior this season you can only hope Lapointe plays up to his ability. With Lapointe expecting to play every game, you can almost always expect some kind of play made by this guy. Moreover, Lapointe could easily be a menace for most offenses to deal with as long as he plays his game.

#2 Gerry Bohanon

The Baylor transfer is going to have all the lights on him at USF. Everyone’s hoping he can save the Bulls and bring them back to their old ways of winning. All that being said, Gerry Bohanon is coming into a team that has the weapons to win. Bohanon must play as he did at Baylor and USF is right back on the map.

There’s a lot of hope for Bohanon. That’s exactly why he’s going to be a player to watch for more than just USF fans. Transferring from a Big 12 team to an AAC team is a huge change considering the competition you’re playing. The AAC has grown over the years into one of the best group of five conferences, but they’re just not at the level of the Big 12 yet.

Eyes all over the nation will be keeping an eye on Bohanon just to see how he performs with USF assuming he starts. If Bohanon can continue his success from Baylor, he might just be the USF savior. The highly touted transfer will have big expectations, will he exceed them or not is the biggest question still left to be answered.

#1 Xavier Weaver

To say the least, Xavier Weaver is a power five talent. Despite having a true freshman at QB for the Bulls last year, Weaver didn’t get the ball enough. When he was thrown the ball weaver did nothing but make plays. With Bohanon at QB now expect bigger plays made to Weaver. Just like Bohanon, Weaver will have eyes on him from all around the country because of how lethal he can be in open space.

Last year Weaver played 10 games, and he ended with 41 receptions for 715 yards. That comes out to about 17.4 yards per catch which is just insane. If the Bulls can get the ball in his hands more often this upcoming season, he very well could be one of the best receivers in the AAC or even the country.

Most defenses around the AAC will have to watch tape solely on Weaver because of how good of a route runner he is. Furthermore, Weaver will also have high expectations to fill because of how well he ended last season. That being said, look to him to make huge plays for the Bulls off to the sideline or even down the middle of the field.

Are the Bulls a team to watch? 

With the Bulls looking stronger on offense and defense you can only hope for a much better season than the last two. There are a bunch of players to watch in 2022 for USF, but these guys in particular will have huge roles on the team this upcoming season.  Hopefully, all of them can fill the expectations set on them. The Bulls could just have a promising season if that happens.