Gerry Bohanon Transfers to USF

Gerry Bohanon Transfers To USF
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Gerry Bohanon Transfers to USF

Former Baylor starting QB Gerry Bohanon is transferring to the USF Bulls. The huge pickup comes a little after the Spring game. Gerry Bohanon transfers to USF with 1-2 years of eligibility left, in hopes he can end his career on a high note with the Bulls. Bohanon is a big addition to the Bulls, with some good coaching and a bit of time he could have the offense rolling before game one against BYU.

Bohanon’s’ Bio

Bohanon played at Baylor University for three seasons, before losing his starting job to Blake Shapen. In his last season with Baylor, he started more than half of their games and put-up legitimate numbers. He weighs in at 221lbs and stands at 6-3. Bohanon threw for 173 completions, 2200 yards, 18 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. The 6’3 USF transfer lost the starting job late in the season which made him turn to the transfer portal.

What Bohanon brings to the Table

Bohanon is a huge pickup for the Bulls. He’s a versatile QB who is also not afraid to tuck and run if need be. Considering he’s transferring from a big school in Baylor, Bohanon brings something no USF QB has which is power five experience. Even though the Bulls have played power five teams in the past, Gerry knows what it’s like to compete as well as win at that level.

The new USF QB brings in a skill set that you don’t see in many guys which is awareness and vision. His pocket awareness helps him make plays on the ground if need be, while his vision enables big plays to happen. Another thing big about Gerry is he’s tough. The former Baylor QB is hard to take down considering his height and weight.

The Updated QB Situation

Now with Bohanon on his way to South Florida, Timmy McClain and Katravis Marsh have another person to battle for the starting position. Despite McClain and Marsh having decent Spring game performances, it might not matter anymore with a former Baylor QB coming in.

Of course, Bohanon will have to prove himself at practices, but we can presume to think he’ll be under center for the first snap of this year’s season. McClain and Marsh will have to step up at practices to hopefully give them a chance to beat out Bohanon. The only thing helping Marsh and McClain out now is that they both know the playbook better than Gerry. Still a ton of time till game one of the season which means there’s plenty of time still left for each QB to make a splash.

A Change in the Offense

This huge commitment for the Bulls carries some weight. Even though Bohanon is transferring into a new system, you can expect some change. One thing Bohanon can do well is finding receivers on the field, whether it’s down the middle or over the top. That being said, there could be a change to the scheme so Bohanon can make use of his explosive arm.

The running game will still be a prominent part of the offense because USF has a deep running back room, but now there’s more room to open the passing game. The combination of both will make the Bull’s offense lethal.

An Opportunity

Despite losing the job at Baylor, Bohanon is now transferring to a school where he can make a big splash. With that in mind, Gerry has an opportunity to lead a young Bulls team to a better record and maybe even a top 25 spot in the country. He’ll need some assistance from the guys beside him, but regardless the chance is there for him to direct this team into a winning culture.

A Step in the Right Direction

With the pickup of Bohanon, we could very well see a different Bulls team. the change to the offense could be pretty big, but now the whole team demeanor is different. Jeff Scott still has work to do, but with as big of a transfer as Bohanon is USF’s upcoming season could be looking up.

As practice continues, Bohanon will have to take some time to learn the playbook. Considering the season is still far out, by the first game he should be all ready to go assuming he’s going to start. McClain and Marsh will look to step up competition in practices so they can hopefully contest the starting job.

Regardless, USF football is heading in the right way with this pickup. Bohanon has all the experience he needs to compete in the AAC. With the opponents he’s faced like Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, etc. the once Baylor starting QB should be making plays against Group of Five teams in no time. Bohanon transfers to USF with 2 years of eligibility left, in hopes he can end his career on a high note with the Bulls.

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